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I dont know what to do


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Ok so me and my girl have been together for almost 2 years. We have had a lot of rocky moments in which she had bad jealousy and insecurity problems. I on the other hand made the giant mistake of cheating. She has forgiven me thought excpet for occasionally if shes really mad its still in her battle arsenal haha. We split up over the summer but got back together after 2 months. We have been back for around a month and a half now and things were going ok...just like they used to minus the bad haha. In the last week though I have felt really insecure about the relationship because its like we never see each other or talk anymore. With school, work, and sports its very had to find time. When there is time she is sometimes to tired to do anything. So I ahve been insecure about it and was pestering her with it for like a week and she gets very angry when i keep bringing it up and she told her mom i am annoying. She still holds my hand when we walk to class, hugs me and all that. She still says she wants to marry me one day as well. However I really dont know if shed be there for me or be able to sympathize with me if i really needed her. Like alomst as if she doesnt consider my feelings or take it upon herself to put anything into the realtionshiup. What should I do...i cant talk about it with her anymore because she gets annoyed. Should I step back a little and stop trying to do so much or do u think im overanalyzing things? She is very tired and stressed with how much she has to do at school and cheerleading that when talking about it it put her in tears. Anyways any thoughts on this at all would be appreciated.

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