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They hurt u at random.....

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Its was B'day on 22nd Sept (yesterday) and i sort of was trying to pamper myself by going out to dinner with friends and stuff.Got a lot of greeting cards,gifts and the whole drill and I felt good and then I get this msg from my Ex wife saying " hope u having a good birthday"....not even a wish...nevermind..I sent a reply saying "yes and just cut my b'day cake and it felt good"....

The she sends another msg saying that she needs to talk.I said "about' ?...then she says about moving on as individuals...I said "i thought we already moved on as individuals and there's nothing more to move"...and then she says " I mean legally without hurting anyone anymore " and then blar blar blar....My point is...are they so dumb talking about legal stuff and then say "without hurting" on a Birthday ??? I mean we both are doing the NC things for the last 03 months and all sorts of contacts are only coming from her and not me.Infact i normally don't even respond to it but yesterday i thought I would....Do they do this on purpose ? to F*** with your mind ? but as for me it didn't hurt as much.I guess eventually NC does the magic.


Just ranting folks.....

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