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I finally got the kick in the pants I need.

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So I was in a long distance thing. Found out the girl was really not available and she ended up deciding between me and her ex. I really fell for the girl and wanted a relationship with her but it was tough. Back in March she told me that she decided she couldn't get over her ex while being with me so she got back together with him. 1 month later he broke it off with her (what a shock).


Well we talked for about a month through May just on IM. She would get annoyed that I never initiated contact, but I pretty much though I was played and kept around as a back up, if I did I lacked respect for myself. This issue led me to tell her to just stop talking to me, that and the fact she complained to ME about her ex being gone.


Well I knew that her sister was moving to my city in the beginning of Sept. The girl I dated kept telling that we never knew what could happen because she was going to be here every other weekend. Although I knew I needed to move on, I always had this in the back of my mind.


So the beginning of Sept. came and her sis was all about hanging out with me. She called every day, because she was new in town and bored. With this my old gf started IM'ing me, talking about how she was coming to visit the weekend of the 23rd, asking me for advice on hotels, etc. Now this weekend has come and I haven't heard from her or her sis in around 2 weeks. Its like it has always been one big game, just playing me.


I have a mental block on life now. I'm happy with work and my family, I wouldn't mind moving away just to see and do something else. The last two girls I've really cared about ditched me for a different guy. I have this whole mindset that I will never be good enough. I also think I attract the types of girls who are needy and easily swayed by other guys. I mean I treated this girl great, and from all I heard her ex was just a jack * * * to her.


Well finally I think her telling me all about coming here and just blowing it off is the sign I needed.

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