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Depression reccurence?


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Im not suicidal but this seems like the most appropriate forum section to post in.


I am basically wondering of those who have been through depression, what are your experiences of it relapsing or reoccurring years later?



A bit of history of myself:

I was depressed most of grades 9-10

grades 11-12 I was fine

1st year college I was very depressed

2nd and 3rd years college I was fine.

Im currently starting 4th year of college.


Lately Ive been feeling down for no real reason in particular, just sort of disappointed overall at things and having been through two depression episodes before Im worried that it might be coming back again. I went through 2 years of feeling normal between my first and second episodes and since its about 2 years since my last episode and Ive been feeling rather crappy lately Im worried that It might start up again.


For those of you that have been through this before Im interested in knowing what you have done to try to prevent depression from reoccurring?

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Welcome, pacman.


You'll get as many suggestions for coping with depression as you can handle, from bodybuilding to religion to meds to outright denial it exists, because it's such a personal journey to live with depression.


My methods probably aren't a panacea, but I've been sporadically depressed for about 40 years. I was on AD drugs for 8 years and recently stopped, and deal with it using coping methods such as identifying and avoiding triggers, seeking fulfilling activities and changing my internal dialog from one of circular guilt and blame to one of sarcastic humor and self-care. I consciously look for good in life's chaos and ignore the less good.

Works for me, but for the next person, it might be a load of warm compost.


I've read books, taken meds, seen therapists, exercised and exorcised, as well as many things unapproved by the FDA. They all work to some degree, and finding the right mix takes time. I keep an eye out for new ideas, but so far, so good.


I wish you well.

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welcome to enotalone.


yeah, I go through bouts of depression also. some years are good, others not.


I guess for me, what helps is finding something I am passionate about and doing that. it helps get me out of the funk, sometimes.


dako is right, it really is an individual journey. what makes one person feel better is not what makes another person feel better.


but if I figure out the secret to keep depression from coming back, I'll let you know

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It began for me at around 11 or so. Shortly after, it went away.


14, it started again in earnest. I fell into the welcoming arms of an eating disorder.


Briefly, at 15/16 I felt *better* - TOO much better. I had my first manic depressive Manic Phase, and I crashed at




From then onwards, I've never gone back up. I'm down, if you'll excuse the pessimism (sp) all the time.

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Im Manic and pay for this with long black days of deprestion, the moment I stop doing stuff, I have been like it all my life for as long as I can remember, one time when I was 8 I was left in a class by the teaching staff becouse I was so down after being up for 3 days. My family new what I was like and when it got bad they packed me off to my grandmare who with infenet skill pulled me back time and again.


I have never loved any one like her, she helped me in so many ways.


No I have better mind tools to deal with the downs, ones harnting me now I can feel it but work and home and my grate wife are keeping it at bay.


When its real bad happy pills all the way

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Thanks for all the replies. Ive been good last two days, though last thursday/friday was bad. Im not sure if its starting up or not but I want to keep it in check and keep it from erupting into a full blown year long episode. Ive just got to try to not let the small setbacks stress me out and get into the gym to keep my spirits up.

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The others are right: it's an individual journey.


It cycles for me, since the time I was 14 or so. At 14 it was bad, I'd have time without and then the cycle would begin again. All in all, having tried a million and one things, it is lessening over the years.


What's helping me:

Prevention. I think I neglected this big time before. If you can catch it before it gets real bad, or before it starts at all, you'll be much better off.


Possibly being over optistic here, but I think depression can be cured. I'm talking about clinical depression - not regular depression.


Things I'd pass on to a fellow travellor:

*Resolve to take full accountability for your depression.

It's not your fault you are depressed, but it is your life so you must take charge.


*Keep your mind as open as you can. Be willing to try many things, to find what works for you. Keep journals.


*See a doctor! Since I've found a good, knowledgable GP my life has improved dramatically. Doesn't have to be a GP: but any medical doctor who can become your main connect for treatment. The more support you got, the less overwelming it all is. Keep in touch often.


*Take it easy.


Now, this is a bit controversial, but I actually think that exercise can make depression worse. I know, I know, nearly everyone will tell you otherwise.

A little bit of exercise is good, but you really gotta listen to your bod.

Totally just talking out of my own experience here: but intense exercise when recovering from depression will most likely bring you up for a while - you'll feel super good - and then a deadly crash if you stop the routine or alter it at all.


If you aren't all that unhealthy to begin with, it won't be such a problem. But if you've been down for a long time, I think heavy exercise deepens the depression cycle in the long run. Body and mind drained so we exhaust it more? There's no time for serious rest.


Stretching, basic muscle strengthening exercises, and walking are working best for me.


* Access your expectations and adapt accordingly.


Get rid of the garbage you are carrying around and using as ammunition against yourself. Focus in on what you are doing to improve, and what is working, and observe your ruminations.


One simple little technique has made a huge diff for me:

When ruminating/obsessing, ask yourself "Am I solving a problem, or am I worrying?"

If you're not solving a problem or getting information that is new, stop it. Turn your attention elsewhere.

If you're solving a problem or getting info, write it out create get it out somehow.


There's lots more but I thought I'd mention those. Oh, and educate yourself the best you can.


*hugs to all*

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

It's the most effective form of reducing the risk of reoccurring depression.


Have you been medically diagnosed and do you know what Bipolar disorder is?



I was never officially diagnosed. It was one of the things I really regretted was not going to get help. I "waited it out" and it eventually passed. A little bit after I came out of my last episode, I read a pretty good book about CBT and it made a lot of sense. I try to incorporate some of those ideas to keep negative thoughts out of my head. Before I read that book, I would replay the same negative thoughts in my head over and over again and it would just make everything worst. Nowdays when I have negative thoughts I try to block them out instead of ruminating over them and letting them build and grow like I used to. I also try to avoid situiations and people that I know will make me feel depressed later as well.


As for Bipolar, Im well aware of what that is and I know its not what I have. My uncle did have that so there is family history of it. However, my periods inbetween my depressive episodes I would describe as "normal" and not manic. I havent had any of the craziness or any of the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

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every year i get "extra" depressed during the fall. so combine regular depression with sad (seasonal affective disorder) and look what you got-- a real mess in your head.


other than the fall... i seem to go in phases as well. i'll be ok for two months, then bam, it hits me for the next three months.

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every year i get "extra" depressed during the fall. so combine regular depression with sad (seasonal affective disorder) and look what you got-- a real mess in your head.


other than the fall... i seem to go in phases as well. i'll be ok for two months, then bam, it hits me for the next three months.




I know Im bringing back a year old thread, but Im looking back on my post and I can say that I too always get down during the winter months. Especially at the very start of it like right now when its just getting cold and the days are shorter.


I dont know what it is but something about the cold outside always gets me down.

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