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Opps did it big time!


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Hi.... well what a night... and what an idiot I am... but maybe I needed this to get my head straightened out.


Last night I got totally pissed off about my bf being such a ..... all week he'd been calling, nagging my just had to deal with it.....


He doesn't have a phone, (and I always found this a little strange) so I decided I would go to his place and confront him......


When I got there, I could hear him arguing with a female inside his place.... his ex I believe, and wow.... they were talking about me....... I left, went to a bar accross the road for about 1 hour. Came back, quite buzzed, and upset as well..... he was gone....... well his door is unlocked so I went in, helped myself to a beer and jeezus fell asleep on his couch. I woke up and thought "oh my god, gotta get outta here, what if he comes back with his ex-ho" but guess what????? My shoes were gone??????? I grabbed a pair or his slippers, size 11, yikes my feet are 5 1/2" only...... ran out the door..... fell down about half way home, big gash on my nose and forehead...... I'm hurting bigtime today, (emotionally and physically) and my shoes are somewhere at his house, god how stupid I am..... I loved him.... but this is driving me absolutely nuts.... starting to feel like I'm the loser, physco nut....... any kind words would be appreciated. Guess I definitely must DRIFT him now......



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