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Making friends at dancing


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I need some advice please.


I do dancing classes and dispite the fact that I dance with plenty of people I do not have any real friends. At the end of the dance class people practically run away and desplite the fact that I hang around for a bit I dont seem to be able to talk to many people. Every one seems to form their groups. The women of course in there own, the couples in there own and other bits and pieces.


I seem to be excluded for some reason. Is it because I am a young (somewhat shy) single bloke. A younger (32) single male and in fact one of the youngest in my school.


Further I would go to the parties my school holds has but I really do not feel like travelling up to an hour each way to dance for two hours of dancing and not able to talk to anyone - Basically turning up alone, being alone and going home alone, I need more than just the dancing .


Basically all I am after is friends but I am stuggling to do this. I consider a friend as someone in my phone address book but I cant get one.




It is sad but the only friends I have are really my brothers and he lives over 100 km's away.

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Is is ironic, because there is fewer males enroled we dance more , and we need to work on our dancing more (need to now more to lead that more than the ladies)and especially at the parities, I stop for a couple of minutes and I am on the floor again. Though I need to comunicate verbaly hence we get less time to talk.


I have have suceeded a few times and one lady whom I became interested in has not been after I decided that I would like to know her better two weeks later. But most of the time it is a failure.


Basically I am tired of going to places alone and coming home alone. And now we are in a two week break in between terms.

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