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I lost my closed guy friend yesturday .He said he loved me and had said it for ages . I never loved him the way he loved me he wanted me as his partner . I am 16 and he is 28 . I want to experience life more before i commit to anything this big. He made me feel so bad . I would always be on his mind when ever he went on dates. I really hate him now . He didn't ring me in 5 days and we would normally talk for ages every day . I now finding it really hard to see any point in making new friends and making realationhips with people. I have just started college which is great and a fresh start for me but my friends there are alreay worried.


because of this guy i took some tablets last night to make me feel different i am ok and feel fine.


i can't trust any one .



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What do you means "Took Tablets"? Valium, Anti-depressents, or something more sinister?


This guy - despite being 28 - acted very immaturely towards you. He should have understood that at 16 you had your own ambitions and goals that you need to fulfill. Not everyone is like that, some people will understand. I understand what you're feeling - to some extent I've felt it myself - and you need to hang in there and work through the hate and anger.


Don't be afraid to rely on your current friends, they always want to help you in their own ways, and their input and sympathy can turn a bad situation around. Understand that what happened wasn't your fault, that you're better than that other guy, that you don't need it.


As you've said, you're 16, you have plenty of time to heal and get into new relationships.


I hope this helped =)

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hi , i had the worst week of my life with all what i said above . My grandad had a heart attack and has a infection aswel . The whole family is really worried. I will go and visit him again next week . This just means more of what i was already thinking. People will always leave me .!!!

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