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I Think Hes Really Cute..He "HATES" Me


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Well , I really need your advice . Theres this really cute guy in my 1st & 2nd period class. I got so excited over him & so I told about 3 friends that I was with at the time , that I thought he was so cute. ONE of them ran up to him in gym class & told him I liked him ( she's the type of person to play around with situations when it doesn't include her but when it does she gets serious , anyways ) . Ever since then he has been acting shy around me & avoids eye contact & whatever . BUT REMEMBER : I didn't say I LIKED him i simply said that I thought he was cute , so there she just started drama.

The next day was basically the same , his shyness & avoiding eye contact whatever. I sometimes stared @ him just because of how cute he was & about two times he actually caught me staring @ him & just gave me a " UHMMM OKAY / what are you looking @...... " look . Then I was talking to one of his friends & he had told me that he doesn't like me & that he actually HATES ME because I follow him around ( which I only did ONCE for like 4 seconds because he was near & it was an attempt to make conversation .. very sad attempt I KNOW ! ) .

Things were like this for the week or so.


TODAY , I seen him & my friend flirting with each other which I didn't really expect too much out of because I convinced myself they were just two friendly people who were just...talking. After that another friend of mine went up to him & asked what he thought about her , he called her sexy & then asked if he liked her he says "what if i do?" . I was so hurt when I heard this because I started to like him a little & I honestly thought that even though he had said to HATE ME ( he never showed it ) we would really become something. But now i feel dead , I feel as if I just don't matter & he doesnt care .



OH YES , & to make things worse, on my way to my last period class I seen him & YES i tried to avoid him but the same girl ( my friend ) who he was flirting with was standing nearby in the hall , he walked up to her & said "can't say hi? " then she goes and hugs him up & then says "hiii" smiling & all . I almost started to cry I just couldn't believe that he could blow me off so hard as if he didn't want a girlfriend or wasn't interested in girls @ that time , but yet be so all hung up on my friend & get so touchy with her WHILE I WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE , YES HE SAW ME HE KNEW I WAS THERE .



Other facts you should know :

- he told his friend I tried to push him down the stairs to get his attention. I WOULD NEVER try to push him down the stairs ! W-T-F ?! I LIKED HIM , WHY WOULD I TRY TO KILL HIM?!

- he thought I liked him wayy before because of the girl that told him I did & so from that time is when he started thinking I was weird , WE WERE OFF TO A BAD START.

- he avoids contact , ignores me when I try to make conversation , doesn't acknowledge my presense AT ALL .

- this girl went up to him & was bothering him constantly about going out with me , talking to me & whatever and he said "NO I DONT WANT TO *beep*ING TALK TO HER " ... this totally sloughtered my chances , he probabbly thinks IM ANNOYING . half of the things people go up to him & tell him are far from the truth ( i never once said i would want to date him )

- the girl that was flirting with him was asked if she liked him , she replyed with an unsure answer kind of like a maybe -- more towards the yes.



So now im asking YOU , what do I do?! Do I just move on ? Should I still try to get him even though my chances don't look too good ? What if they start dating , how should I cope with that ? ANYTHING , people please. Here is a girl in desperate need of YOUR help.

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BUT REMEMBER : I didn't say I LIKED him i simply said that I thought he was cute , so there she just started drama.



I thought you said you DIDNT like him?. if you dont like him anyway then just move on... I know right now it seems easier said then done but what have you lost out of this? Nothing truthfully, if she was such a friend she wouldnt try dating a guy who if u did have feelings for ( although you have said a few times inur post that you didn't like him? ) and its not like you and this guy ever had a friendship. Sorry if I seem so blunt about it, but you're young why bum yourself out over nothing?

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I really WANT to move on & forget about him but I have the strongest feeling that he is going to want me later on. We got off to a bad start with everyone telling him things that I never said & I was never really given a fair chance. When he takes the time to find out what type of person I really am , he will have second thoughts. But I dont know how long I can put up with seeing them all flirty with each other it hurts & I don't know how to deal with it.



Yes at first it was just an attraction but just seeing the way he acts (with friends) I kind of like him now. =/

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Well regardless of his feelings, it's obvious that either way he's being a bit of a jerk by absolutely ignoring you without actually having met you himself. Why would you want to be with someone like that? Anyone who can make such a premature assessment of someone with such conviction is bound to be shallow and not worth your time anyway. I agree with the other two posters - it's best to move on to better things!

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I couldn't get past all your words. You use too many words.


Have you actually spoken to him? Or is this all second hand?


How old are you? You are acting like you are in junior high... 12-14... confirm please.


You seem really insecure... don't rely on your friend to hook dates... rely on yourself. The guy seemed interested before your friend got involved.


Imagine, if he liked you and then you didn't respond and then your friend went up and talked to him he would take that as a response and then they would talk and then things would go from there and you all alone would be sitting there doing nothing but waiting for your friend to respond...


not good... make sense?

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