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Question about "that time of the month"...

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This is a little embarrassing, but...


How much blood is too much? I'm just a little worried because the last few times I've gotten mine there's been a LOT of blood. It will leak through a tampon AND pad in only a few hours which makes it hard at school and when going to track practice because I'm not able to go to the bathroom any time I want. And I've had it leak through my pants on a few occasions because teachers don't let me leave the class.


Also, my symptoms a few days before and during my period seem more intense than they used to be. The first few years I might have had some cramps and mood swings. But now I have awful cramps and the other day I felt so sick I just skipped first bell at school and went to the nurse who said it's "just cramps".


My whole body aches and I cry and get upset really easily. Luckily I'm not one of those girls that snaps on people and uses it as an excuse to get mad.

My whole face breaks out in pimples- it's really gross.


Shouldn't this have happened years ago when I first started at 12 (I'm now almost 16) ? Or can PMS and periods get more intense over time?


Should I see a doctor or something- I'm too embarrassed to talk to my mom about it. And are there any medicines that can lessen the symptoms like cramps, aches, moodswings, breakouts,etc.?



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For sure sweetie, go see a doctor. I feel for you: I went through the same thing.


Any unusual bleeding is worth a trip to the doc. He/she will do a check-up and let you know what is going on.


Most likely it is nothing to be worried about, but you'll feel better after checking it out. Your doc will hook you up with some ways to help with the cramps, too.

I have elaborate system worked out over many years to deal with the crampies and moodiness: cutting sugar, caffeine, tylenol, light exercise, resting a lot.


Have you been pushing yourself extra hard athletically lately?

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Well, I'm on cross-country/track team. I've been running extra hard a few days a week since about August when I joined. I'm working on going from 2 miles at a time to 3 miles...maybe that has something to do with it?


It's possible. I know for myself, I need to take it easy before during and after my period, or I tend to bleed heavier.


I hope you decide to take a little stop at the docs office, just to be 100%.

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How much blood is too much?


Sometimes it looks like a lot more than it really is.


Definitely talk to your doctor about it at your next appointment.


I'm not able to go to the bathroom any time I want. And I've had it leak through my pants on a few occasions because teachers don't let me leave the class.


You really should tell your mom about this because then she can give the school nurse a note which will be kept confidential, about how you are to be let out to go to the bathroom when needed. Your teachers will not know WHY, they'll just get a notice from the nurse which states that you simply have a "medical condition", and you are to be let out to the bathroom upon request.


My mom always told me- if a teacher does not let you go to the bathroom- WALK OUT and go anyways.


I did that a few times in high school because my bladder was so full and I was squirming in my chair and the teacher was being a jerk. I intially got sent to the principal's office but then I wasn't "in trouble" anymore once my mom gave them a piece of her mind. So try telling your mom. I think telling her is less embarrassing than having leaks at school.


Oh course, if you are granted to go to the ladies room when you please, just don't abuse the privlege, or they'll take it away. (i.e. don't go to re-apply lip gloss- only go for real emergencies )



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I agree about talking with your mom! At 25 I'm STILL embarrassed to talk to my mom about these sort of things, but what we need to keep in mind is that they are women, too and experience these same issues. Many things concerning our cycles involves genetics... you're mom might have some of the same problems and have ideas of how to help!!!


Besides, there are many embarrasing things in life that we have to tell our mom and they only get bigger and more difficult! If you start an open relationship with her now, it will make things much easier in the future!!!


Good luck!

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The "normal" amount varies - and if it's only every "few hours" that is completely normal. Generally "abnormal" would be when you are changing super absorbent tampons/pads every hour or so.


While being athletic in itself does not make your period heavier overall - vigorous activity can increase the movement of flow of blood. This does not mean stop of course, as it also eases cramps, and balances your mood!


You are still young and your body is still in flux too, it's normal for cycles to change during teens and twenties.


I would check with your doctor to rule out endometriosis, hormonal or other issues, but if you are just a heavier bleeder, this may just be the way you are....make sure you choose products that are more absorbent during heavier parts of cycle, change them every 3ish hours, make sure you get enough iron in your diet and overall just live healthy.

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