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i would love your opinions on this subject..


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i was wondering how long after a breakup is dating someone new not considered a "rebound"? is the period of time different for the dumper/dumpee?



i was also curious if anyone on here has ever broken up with someone, dated someone else just to realize they miss their ex in the process? i guess im just wondering if dating someone else for a period of time actually helped them get back with their ex?

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If me and someone broke up and they started dating someone else, then it's over for good. It wouldn't help them get back with me.


There is no time limit set to rebounds. I have known people to get out of a relationship and in a short time find the person they really want to be with. Other times it ends up a rebound.



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I think that the rebound period is different for everyone. It all depends is you have gotten over your ex. If you are still in love with your ex and hoping to get back to together with him/her and then enter another relationship you would be in a rebound relationship.


Also you should distinguish just dating from entering into a proper relationship. I guess if you haven't completely healed from your previous relationship it would help dating difference people to heal yourself but it wouldn't be wise to enter into another full blown relationship.


It has been 9 months since my ex broke off our relationship but I still don't feel ready to go on a date or to enter into a relationship with anyone else. But then again there are people who have healed from their previous relationship in much shorter time.


I suppose it all depends if you have healed or not.

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I was in a 5yr relationship, and when we broke up,


I met someone else 1 week later,


And had a 1 yr relationship that failed,


I will never rebound again,


I am 2months break-up now and I am single,


I learned my lesson, it's just putting a band-aid where the wound is,


It helped me greatly to get over my first ex (5yr relationship),


But it hurt him incredibly when I told him what I did,


And with the 1yr relationship guy, I was so vulnerable,


Since I was rebounding, that the damage was far worse than I had started with,


I highly recommend taking some space after a break-up,


Because psychologically you need to heal and clean out the spider webs,


I had to learn the hard way.





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