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1st timer help


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im 21yrs and i nvr had sex till now. im nt circumcised and my penis head has alwis been covered by the foreskin. wad im trying to say is my foreskin has nv been retracted to the point that it reveals my penis head until today when i had sex with my gf and when it went it, the skin got pulled back till my penis head showed up.

right now im having some discomfort, my penis head is reddish and painful when i touch it. at 1st i thought is was jus sensitive but my foreskin doesnt seems like its able to go back and cover it. is that normal? cuz this is causing a problem. especially wearing my underwear, when the penis head is dry and gets sticky at the underwear. its painful. i need help. any advice??

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If you're uncircumsized (like most Europeans-- like my bf), the skin under the foreskin is more sensitive. I know that for my bf, if I touch that he gets all funny. You are not used to having sex, and assuming that your gf was also a virgin (?) she might have been a bit tight. Don't worry, after a while of 'practising' she will get more relaxed and her vagina will become a bit wider. Use some smoothing gel to cool it off, but choose one that is not perfumed.


I think the use of lubricants and also help.


And: did you use condoms? Because if so, you might be sensitive for latex.


Lubricants and a smoothing cream/gel!!



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Aw. Poor thing, that must really be uncomfortable for you. You can put some lubricant or aloe gel on your penis and gently work the foreskin around and see if you can get it back in place. Might be a good idea to do this regularly anyway, your foreskin will stretch a little so it won't get "stuck" like this.

Good luck, I hope it feels better soon.

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It is perfectly normal.


As your skin is being stretched back for the first time the part that was protected is now more vulnerable so it will hurt a little.

Over time and the more you have sex, the less painful it will become.

Just don't go at it too hard in the beginning as to not make it too sore.

Over time it will get better.

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