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this guy I am messing around with,has a gf!


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Ok im messing around with this guy who used to live downstairs (he had to moved out recently, coulnt find a roomie) he used to live with his gf but she found a job in a different state so tehy dont see each other that often anymore. he strted hitting on me since feb..and now even though he moved out we still mess around we see each other about twice a week and hes not all that nice but sometiems we do go to clubs and hang out with some of his friends and always end up making out...we havent had sex (pennetration)cause im a virgin but i give him bj and stuff

i stayed overnight and he was an when he woke up...he says hes an ebcause hes cheating on his gf he says it to me but he keeps doing it and i am stupid because i cant stop it.

she coming just for a weeknd to visit him and obviously i get screw off.

i dont know what he wants..i asked him and he says he doenst know etc, i tried to tell him why he keeps telling me he has a gf and doesnt act liek he has one but he says he cant asnwer that because he deont know, he keeps talking to me and asking me to come over

im confused too but i know its wrong i shouldb have more respect for my self we are in our early twenties.

he said once too that if he ddint have a gf he would date me

i know im pretty "hot" too btu i dotn know why i keep doing this to myself

i almost had sex but i dont want to give it up to him because he has agf and he desnt act liek a bf more like a friend with benefits and he certainly hasnt done anything nice to me...i do have fun hanging out etc

any thoughts??

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Stop doing this to yourself. Have more respect for your body and emotions. You will always be second, do you really think he's going to change if he breaks up with his girlfriend?

Do you really want to be with a guy that you know is willing to cheat?

He's using you and you're letting him, end it, move on, and never look back. Don't talk to him, don't answer his calls, cut him out of your life. You may not have had sex, but what if you did, do you think its going to make things better or worse for you?

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Thanks for your advise its exactly what my best friends told me.. but it's hard.

he said hell try yo be nicer and stuff but still he doenst know why he cant stop messign around..i mean its not like we have sex..we do some stuff yes but thats not it all the time...we chat everyday and stuff but

i know that im still#2 and it kidna botehrs me but at the same time i dont know what i want from him maybe i just want to be with someone and havent found anyways nice yet. I wish i did so then i could get "rid" of him because although im doing this i wouldnt cheat on my bf. You asked me if we had sex it would be better or worse honestly idk i think about it but i betetr do not take the risk...what u think?

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Hey Den2121!


I agree you should ditch him, Its not worth hurting yourself over... Maybe you should stop talking to him, Im sure there are better people than him out there... plus this guy is cheating on his girlfriend, what makes you think if you were dating he wouldnt do it to you? Actions speaker louder than words honey


Dont put yourself through all this, you deserve someone who will dedicate their time only to you.


Good luck and stay strong!

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Think of how much it will hurt if you were the gf and he was cheating on you. This guy is no good. You deserve better.


End it, don't have sex, don't talk to him after you say its over, tell him to leave you alone and never call you again. You may miss him and feel lonely and sad, but you are going to find each day easier than the last and one day you'll find yourself wondering why you let it last as long as it did. You need to find your strength and use it. If you feel like you want to talk to him, come to ENA and tell the people here how you feel, but DO NOT TALK TO HIM.

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