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I have made so many friends lately(good),I've lost weight(good),and lately i have been spiritually uplifted!(really good)all changes for the better,but I still feel like crap(emotionally)

I feel like I'm missing half of me.

I don't feel loved by anyone(I know jesus loves me,because the bible tells me so,but why don't I feel that love)(other than family,and I don't feel that loved by them either)no one to experience the good,the bad ,and the ugly.

The first thing that comes to mind is my age,well quite frankly I do care!

I don't feel loved.I'm a hollow being that can't find his way.

How can i feel more loved and accepted by others more?

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YOu 14 and going from child to adolt, your body is changing more to the point your mind is, you are losing the childs love of your perents and getting ready for the love you will need for a mate. which means you mind is gaining that need for a mates compaionship, remember Human kids need 14 years to get to this point so your mate bonding has to be real strong.


So what dos this mean, it means your getting ready to fall in love big time have your hart bronken and bonding fail, and in the end find that one other human to spend a long time with. This is all good for you and part of growing up, that hard part is going throw it, some have and esay ride some have a ride throw theys years that can and dos kill them, which is sad as given time they would have had a grate life.


So sit back enjoy the ride and dont worry one your body as stopped all the mucking around you will be having the time of your life.


remember all us old fowks here have been throw it.

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Hey Freshie.


I'm sorry that you are feeling his way. I felt that way when I was 14 and I know it sucks for real. Cause all this important stuff is happening and you can think about all this stuff, but you don't have that much control over anything.


But I agree w/ Sumguy, learn to love yourself. I wish I had been able to do that. It's hard to figure out who you are, I am still trying to figure out who i am and what I believe, but the difference is that with age you get so much more comfortable in your own skin. Be patient, I promise it gets better. I think you feel incomplete b/c you just haven't figured out exactly who you are want to be or what things define you.

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