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could she like me


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The best way is to be perfectly honest. It is hard to express feelings sometimes, but sometimes it needs to be done!


What makes this situation worse is that its become complicated from that third party. If she is avoiding you because she doesnt like you, you need to talk to her about that. If she is avoiding you becuase she isnt sure if the information she received is correct then you need to talk to her about that.


The problem here is that you dont know which one it is, so you need to talk to her to find out! Sorry, this is a time for expressing feelings!


I think you just need to be completely honest, and tell her you dont want to ruin a friendship, and understand if she doesnt feel the same way. Maybe you need to weigh up the importance of this friendship compared to your want for something more. Is it worth loosing her as a friend if you cant get her as a lover? This may not happen, but its a risk. Complicated situation buddy! Goodluck!

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