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It's his birthday next week....

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If you truly feel that the break-up was a clean one, where you both were honest with each and agreed (although difficult) that you are better apart, I think a birthday wish is appropriate. This shows that you don't hold any hard feelings towards him and that you do care for his well-being.


However, if either of you are holding on to false hope, this is probably a bad idea. If you think this message will give him false hope that you will get back together, than this isn't a thoughtful thing to do... it's a hurtful one! Leave him alone and let him heal. Or if you anticipate that he's suddenly going to forgive you of everything and want you back... he's not. I would focus on you and giving yourself the space to grow!

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If this was an amicable parting of ways, and not a lot of hard feelings and animosities, then I feel it would be ok to send a birthday wish to him.


However , I agree with DaDancingPsych , in that if you think this may cause a problem or any sort of future hopes of getting back together , or painful memories,then in that case I wouldn't send anything.

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agreed, based on the fact that you posted about this, it sounds like you might have some expectations of him if you send it. would you be okay with him not responding? would you be okay with him replying with something cute--would it make you miss him? ask yourself if you can be appropriately detached from whatever will come of it.

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