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Baby Update -


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I had a doc appointment yesterday, and also another ultrasound.


Yup its still a GIRL woohooo!!

I am 25 weeks and 6 days pregnant, estimated CSection will be a few days before Christmas, teh 21st.


My problem with that is that even with no complications that will put me getting out on Christmas eve. Im going to talk to him about this and see if he cant possibly do it a week earlier. Even though I will need a CSection, he will want the baby to stay in as long as possible before he takes her out.


Right now the doc said she is about 2 lbs and normal size.. everything looks great sofar I can not wait to hold her!


Im REALLY GOING TO HAVE A DAUGHTER!!!! Im so excited I just cant stand it! This is wonderful! I have two boys and a girl, I just havent yet looked into her eyes =)

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Congrats on the news! Why are you having a c-section, I may have missed something in an earlier thread? My wife had a scheduled c-section a week before the due date and one week afterwards she was still very limited as far as getting around. Two weeks after she was back to about 70%. Just take it slow, you will need the rest.



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Well, my first pregnancy was almost 9 years ago. But labor was very hard and i wasnt progressing. They ended up doing an emergency CSection. My blood pressure was dropping, it is the scariest experiance ever to think your about to die.


So with my 2nd pregnancy, even though it had been 7 years, the doctor gave me the choice. I chose to have a Csection because this way I dont have to go through labor, I can pick the date and make an appointment... Recovery really isnt that bad, just take good pain meds! Also theres the added benifit that nothing in my female region gets stretched... Down there , its like I never had children which is an added bonus.


Its becoming more and more common for woman to choose to have a CSection. For me, I just dont want to go through labor again... why go through all that pain and anxiety when it can all be avoided I say =)





As for what her name will be, she is going to be named Linda, after my mother who passed away 8-25-04.

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