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Transitioning out of therapy

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When I initially began seeing a regular therapist(a little over one month ago) I thought I would attending sessions for the next decade.


However, last session(yesterday), we both decided that I would only need to come in twice a month. He said that I've improved exponentially, and I totally notice the difference in myself. I realized that I just had so much bottled up inside, and now that I've spilled my guts(and gone through the cognitive therapy stuff)I feel so much more healthy and happy.


But, when I did decide on lowering my number of visits I realized that I would miss my counselor. It may seem derranged but I will miss going every week; because, even though you pay, it is almost like having a good friend that you KNOW you can trust.


My therapist helped me to develop positive thinking skills and be open to expressing and asserting myself to others. I am moving into a very positive space in my life...But I will still sort of miss my counselor.

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I left my shrink a while back and felt sad about it. He worked wonders, considering his patient.

You can develop a strong attachment to someone that knows you so well, especially if you hit it off. It helps me to think of it as graduating to a new phase.

I'm sure you're at the top of your class.

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