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HELP: unplanned pregnancy


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Me and my wife have been together since 2002. We've always been careful not to get pregnant.


My wife and me believe she's 2-3 weeks pregnant. Symptoms from swollen breasts, etc.


Does anyone know whether it's still possible to take the After Morning Pill? What happens if one took the After Morning Pill after 2 weeks? Will it not work and have some other side-effects? What are the other options to terminate this pregnancy? When is the time-scale to do abortion? And if abortion does happen, will it damage future pregnancies?


Many thanks

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It too late to take the morning after pill...she can only take it up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. There was the emergency coil - which can be fited up to 5 days after, but unfortunately you've missed that too.


Swollen breasts etc...doesn't mean she is pregnant. You need to establish that she is before you panic and think about the options.


There is a pregnancy test called first repsonse which can detect hCG hormone 4 days before her period is due....


As for an abortion...there is an abortion pill, if you abort before 12 weeks. The it is the medical procedure i'm afraid.


Find out for sure first.

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welcome to enotalone. yup, it is too late to take the morning after pill.


at this point, she should go to the doctor, get a blood test, and see if she is pregant. if she is, at that point, she can talk to her doctor or planned parenthood about her options.


abortion laws vary from state to state, but most won't let you get one past 20-24 weeks into the pregnancy. it depends.


does she also not want to have the baby?

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If she hasn't missed her period, she might not be pregnant. Try not to stress until she's actually late. Sometimes stress can delay periods as well.


If she does happen to be, look up Planned Parenthood in your area and they'll let you know what options are available, as they do vary by state.


Unfortunately you would be too late for any emergency contraceptives. If it turns out she's not pregnant, you might want to look into having Plan B (the morning after pill) on hand in case something would happen again.


There are a couple different abortion pills that will basically make her miscarry. The time limits for those are a lot shorter than a surgical abortion. Surgical abortions are very quick (about 5 to 10 minute procedures) and they should have no adverse side effects. The also have a very informative section on all the different types on the Planned Parenthood website (includes what to expect, possible side effects, etc.).


link removed


But my advice is don't stress TOO much until she actually misses her period.

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How does she feel about being pregnant?


Is it that you dont want a baby or is it that she doesnt.


Also, if there is in fact a baby in there how do you think she feels. There is alot to consider if you decide to end the pregnancy. Many many babies are born from an 'oops'.


The others have given you good advice on what to do should you want to end it, Im more concerned with ....


If you didnt want a baby how did she get pregnant? How does she feel...

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