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Does he like me or not?


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hey, ok well im in a situation where i really do like this guy but im not sure if he feels the same way about me and he does have a girlfriend which he has been with for about one year.


I have had conversations with him before where he has asked me questions like if i ever had a boyfriend before, what i would and wouldnt do with someone, what i look for in a guy, if i mind the kissing/touching and the whole physical side in a relationship.

I have also asked him out to my formal and he said yes but i asked him out to go just as friends and him, me and his gf all go to different schools.

And latley whenever i am talking to him he usually asks me questions about relationships but he has never asked me if i would go out with him on a date or something.

Also this guy a few days ago told me that him and his gf had broken up, but later that night i saw them together doing the whole gf/bf stuff. i dont know why he would have lied to me but anyways.....


I understand that this guy has a girlfriend and i should never flirt or try to break up their relationship, but from reading what he has said/done do you think he may or may not like me?


Could you please help and give your honest opinions, do you think that this guy may or may not like me.

Please help. thanks.

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I'm sure he's at the very least "curious" and it seems like he finds you interesting, BUT, would you like to be in his current girlfriends shoes? After all he's supposed to be "with her" and he's having these kind of conversations with YOU?


I know you're all young, but start right now by having the self respect to kindly say to him, "I thought you had a girlfriend, I don't feel comfortable talking about all this personal stuff, unless I'm THEE girlfriend...but I do enjoy being around you, so let's be friends, because for right now, you should be a decent guy and be true to the girl you are with, do you think she would be happy that you talk to me about all these things?, Would you want her to talk to other guys like this?


This will set you apart from all the other girls, because you have style, class, respect, and it starts with YOU setting some boundaries about what you are willing to "share" about what you like and don't like in a relationship, especially with someone who is NOT currently your boyfriend.


That'll make him think... and respect you..if he can even recognize respect.. I feel sorry for his current girl..would you want another girl to talk to YOUR boyfriend about stuff like this? You seem like a nice girl, so remember you are the prize, not him.. if he likes you "enough" and is "smart" enough, he will come and ask you out, when and if he ever breaks up with this other girl, until then.. be careful with your heart..and your privacy... Come to this site, ask anything, there's so many wonderful people here...

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Thank you for your honest and kind response..


and there is also another problem today i saw him and 'this girl' walking on the street and it was another girl meaning that this new girl is a new gf for him, i knew that it was a new gf since they started doing the whole gf/bf stuff.


I do and i want him to know that i have respect for myself and i dont wanna be a person who will be easily used by him or any guy.


I do and i really want to help myself fight my feelings for him and be able to find a guy that will like/love me for me and not use me just for sex or whatever.

Is there any ways that i could try to get over him because i really dont enjoy to hide my feelings for him and see him with one girl after another.....

I know that its going to be hard because i see him very often because we live in the same town.


I really dont know what to do, because i really do feel sick of him asking me the relationship questions and i do have strong feelings for him and i hate seeing him with one girl after another.....



Anyways thanks for the comment before

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Just keep remember and telling yourself that YOU are special, and YOU have to behave as such, this means if this guy is SMART enough he will be asking a girl like you out, but you'd have to really think about WHY you want to be with a guy who goes through so many women, and seems to not respect any of them...


I'm sure you think he's cute, and he's exciting, BUT, he's not worthy of someone as special as you... so it's okay to "think about him" if you want, but take the time to really NOTICE WHO HE REALLY IS.... and so far he seems like a guy who plays with women's hearts...so don't give him yours just yet, no need to tell him your "feelings" those are for you to know, not him, not yet, he has NOT earned the right to know how you feel... think of it that way...

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Yeah, that is a good way to think of it, i'll do that from now on. I'll just keep trying to pretend i dont like him and then hopefully maybe i will then after get over him.

And yes that is true that he's just playing around the girls and i believe that he is just using them, when he finds another girl he likes he will leave the current girl and it will go on and on and on,


thanks for the help


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