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my gf's moving away :'(


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Hi all,

I went into a relationship with my FANTASTIC gf almost 2 months ago. I knew then that at the end of the year, she would be moving to christchurch (a day nd 1/2 drive) ($300 plane ticket). We have only been together 2 months (well almost), but now that the end of the year is approaching...i'm getting scared. I want to continue with a long distance relationship with her for 12 months, as I will also be moving down there after high school (end of next year).

I havn't told her, but I love her, I really do, and for us to break up because she was down there would kill me. she is my world.

What are the chances of a Long distance relationship working? What has to go into making it work?

We would be able to see eachother maybe 4-5 times during the year, but that would be it.

I have 3 months left, and i'm scared. please help...

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I'll be brutally honest with you on this. New Zealanders are the cloest people I've met to English, so I'll share what I've seen in England. Here we are just not tolerant of long distance (although if you were in the US my advice would be different). Your chances of breaking up before Christmas are 90%. If you weren't long distance, they reduce to about 40% based on your age and length of time you've been dating. Regardless of thge distance issue, the chances of marrying the person you are dating at 16 are about 5%, although this would rise to about 15% if you manage to get to a year together.


OK, so far so bad BUT if you split with her before Christmas, there's an 80% chance you'll be dating someone else by Easter and a very good chance that in future you'll decide that you wouldn't have made it anyway.


Good luck.

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