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How do i KNow?


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I'm 17 and been going out with a girl for 10 months, but we have never been sexually intimate. We talked about it and found out that we both want it, its just that first step. She says "when it happens it happens", but how do i know when she wants to or not? I feel it gonna be kinda awkward when we haven't done anything for such a long time.


Any help would be cool.



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Very admirable. I have yet to find a girl that I can date for 10 months based solely on enjoying her presense (how shallow, indeed).



Based on my experiences, being sexual intimate with one another always starts out with a kiss. For example, we were in my car, I kissed her goodnight, things elevated to making out, which then elevated to sweating and touching, and eventually some exploring.


After 10 months, you guys must've worked up quite alot of sexual tension so I'm sure you'll know when (ie she staring at you?). Just take things slow, and read her reactions. It's one of those 'just do it' solutions.

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My current boyfriend and I were ten months into our relationship before we had sex. It's not so very uncommon.


I'd say just find a time that seems right, maybe after you've been "playing around" for a while and sex is on both of your minds, and ask her if she's ready and wants it. Even if she's not quite ready at first, eventually there will come a time when you both want it. And it lets her know that you're ready to take it to the next level.


And also? Speaking from experience, since it's the resolution of TEN MONTHS of sexual tension..........it is absolutely bloody AMAZING.

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