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It's bizarre, but in a good way


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My boyfriend and I have been having problems over the last couple months. I think, or at least i hope, we got some of those issues sorted out this weekend.


Anyway, we haven't seen each other in a billion years, right? So he had made a suggestion a while back asking what I thought about if we got webcams. I said it would be cool, but I couldn't afford the $150 iSight (I have a Mac as does he) and also, the ones that are sold won't work with my 3 year old Mac. It was just a thought.


So the other day, he said that he got a webcam, one that was much cheaper and compatible with Mac. Of course I said "What, how much and where can I buy one??"


He hooked it up and I logged onto Yahoo and boom, there he was. Oh my god it was the weirdest, bizarrest thing ever. I haven't seen him "live" in 2 years. I couldn't help but laugh. It was strange to see him be himself, even if over the internet live. Even when we were together, I'd giggle because it was fun being with him and it's almost that all over again, but in a different way.


Maybe it's just because I haven't seen him in so long that suddenly, it's like he's real again to me in the physical "face to face" way. I have to say though it was sooooooooooo nice to see him. It reminded me of how much I missed him. I couldn't help but tell him over the phone how adorable and cute he was. He also gave me some "sneek" peeks about what I'd get access to next time we are able to see each other


He wants to see me too and I ordered a cam myself.


I hope that this well improve our relationship more and get us through till the next time we are able to see each other


Just thought I'd share.

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2 years? How the ... heck does that work? How do you, to be blunt, go without sex? Or is it a case of what you're used to...?


*stunned look*


I could do 2 weeks, maybe, but...wow


It's called mastering, er, self-pleasure. Our sex conversations have gone dry the last 5 months, but I think we're on track to fixing that. And it does feel like ages ...

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