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Why do I enjoy emotional pain??

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Okay, this is kind of weird, but I've noticed that I seem to enjoy emotional pain.


For example, in movies when a loved one dies and a relative/spouse/friend cries over that...if the scene really moves me, I watch it over and over again.


I don't know why.


I also tend to fantasize a lot (though I attribute this to the fact that I'm a "writer"...sort of), but a lot my little day dreams seem to involve things that cause extreme emotional pain.


Like my being cheated on or having a miscarriage--even though, in reality both of those things terrify me.


I think there's something wrong with me. I mean, I know it's REALLY weird that I get some sort of enjoyment (not sure that's the correct word for what I get out of it...) from scenes/thoughts of emotional pain.


I love to cry, as strange as that sounds.


Part of me thinks it's because I enjoy drama. Not in the theatrical sense. I just...I day dream--a lot--when I'm bored and/or alone.


Ugh. I'm rambling.


Assuming I haven't confused you all, any help would be appreciated.

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you know my favourite love stories are ones with tragic twists, my favourite films are Casablanca, An Affair to Remember, The Way We Were, City of Angels, Message in a Bottle.


Have you seen any of them? do so.


My boyfriend laughs and says "we are moving into together in a month! most people would say 'oh I hope we live together forever and get married and have children' but I can imagine you would find it more romantic if after a week i died wouldnt you?!" ha ha I said "GOD NO!!!"


It doesnt mean you are weird or sick that you find these novels and movies moving, I do too, there is something romantic in th tragedy of it, and it enables us to cry when maybe we wouldnt do normally, it gives us a reason. Also if we get caught crying off someone its embarrassing, but if we get caught crying to Ghost then we are 'allowed' you see?


My boyfriend has only ever seen me cry over something 'real' about twice, during emotional conversations, however, he has seen me cry a million times over Amargeadon and books, Im readig one now called "PS I Love You" about a couple that live together and get engaged and then the guy dies of a brain tumour and its the story of his girlfriend trying to recover, I cant put it down. People think I have some kind of morbid fascination with emotional pain.


I think pain has produced some of the most beautiful poems, literature and love songs of our time, look at how big James BLunt is and Maroon Five? abums written about broken hearts.


Emotional pain is a tremendous muse.


It doesnt mean you dont want happiness for yourself.


I hope you are happy. Dont worry you are not weird.

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You're not weird, that's for sure.


Maybe you are in emotional pain and need to work out some details, find release? And movies help with that.


I went through a looooooong period of watching a lot of horror movies, and horror novels. You know the movie '28 days later'? I watched that movie so many times.

I found it rather romantic. In a dark way. It made me cry.

But, ultimately, the story is one of life and love triumphing over devastation.

And...that's exactly where I was trying to go within me! That was my fight at the time.


Art is really great that way. We can explore scary subjects, or painful ones, from a place that is safe.


Well, maybe this is all bs, but it is how i feel about the subject. Very strongly too. There's nothing weird about enjoying a good cry, or scare once in a while. So long as you don't dwell on one thing too long, i guess.

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Whew, I feel so much better now.

I was really feeling like there was something wrong with me, lol.


My dad always says that he feels bad for my future husband because I'm so dramatic sometimes. Maybe I should channel that energy somewhere...but I'm too much of an introvert to do theater anymore.


Well, that and the fact that I don't have time for it.


Haha, thanks for the suggestions of books/movies to feed my little "addiction."


I've already seen some of the ones you all mentioned (i.e., 28 Days Later--I really, really like that movie despite the goriness. I think there's some beautiful philosophy in there, actually).


As for the others, well, Casablanca and Gone With the Wind are pretty high on my Netflix list.

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