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making the first move...


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So, I kinda have problems with making first moves. I often center most of the attention upon myself too much, thereforeeee making me really nervous, and I usually end up passing some chance to chat up some girl by.


I was wondering, there's this girl who's in 2 of my classes, I know she's pretty interested in me, I already figured that out, I was wondering how I could get a conversation going with her...besides in-class group activities, do you think on break I should talk to her?


See I think break would be a good idea but her friends are out on break and stuff and I don't want to say hey [her name] and have her like not hear me or something and have her friends just stare at me and laugh at me like I'm pathetic or something haha. Ok well maybe I'm thinking too worse-case scenario.


Also there's a formal dinner/date event coming up, do you think asking her after my first conversation with her is good? I'm almost 100% sure she wants to go with me, I don't feel like explaining that story so just take my word for it haha.


Thanks for your help. And if girls could chip in and give their opinions that'd be awesome.

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how about doing something romantic to set the tone - make her a card [don't buy one] and take different flower petals and glue them on the cover..and try and draw a picture of both of u walking and holding hands..and write inside...


"is this something u might want to do"


might be too much for a first impression but at least she will know that u have a romantic side

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