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My ex and I were together for almost three years before we broke up. The break up was pretty mutual, and happened not long ago. The reason why we broke up was because I am transferred colleges.


I visited him last weekend and we ended up having sexual relations, I did it mostly because I feel strong emotions for him and hoped that we'd get back together because of it. Later, when I got home I confessed how I couldn't be without him and I needed him in my life. We turned me down because he didn't want a long distance relationship. (we went through that already) My heart is broken. I don't know what to do, should I still try to get back with him or just respect his feelings?

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If he is telling you he doesn't want a relationship then you have to respect that and leave him alone.


I think you would find it easier too if you did not conttinue to have sex with him when you see each other. It keeps you attached and him satisfied with the best of two worlds.

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