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Hmm.. We are having this very strong relationship, we are both committed and so much into ourselves, we both cant seem to get enough of eachother, as the man i'm in control of the relationship, and get to decide what happen or not and i try so much not to dictate to her... All im trying to say in bomb-shell is that we are both in love, we really do love eachother so very much. Ad we both realise that we are both down for eachother.. i can even tell she cant be herself if she didn't hear from me for two-three days... But the problem actually started somehow along the way that i cant really describe, I cant really say per-say where the problem arises from. We seem not to get in touch more often like before and so on... I do call her once in a while and she does returns my call too not always though...


I started noticing changes in her, i feel she is not that down with me anymore, really dont know what the problem was... so she traveled lately and came back after a week and i did call her twice when she was away.. she came looking for me the day she came into town but i was very busy with very important things like my "education, exams and so" so we hooked up the next day, we didn't actually get to see till sometimes 7ish or so.. we actually was together all thru that day and had a nice time chatting and talking.. and all of a sudden she came up with a question asking me maybe i have done anything little bad or met someone else when are still going out together and I told her the answer which is NO.. coz i was really down with this gurl so we continue talking and i asked her to answer the same question she asked me... And she wasn't going to really answer it.. and i told her its okay if she can tell me, that it will be better not to tell me if she is going to lie, so she didn't say anything... for some couple of mins she asked if i really would love to know and i said yes if she is going to tell me nothing but the TRUTH and she said yes that she is done something little bad in my back... and i was like okay like what, trying to know what it was.. i was like okay..kissing, smooching?? she didn't talk at first and later said yes even more... meaning she had sex with someone else... obviously she is feeling bad already and she said she wonder how im gonna be feeling since she is feeling so bad and guilty about it all... I didn't really say anything coz it was little more of confession thing so i couldn't do a thing, couldn't even yell which is usual of me to do.. i told her if she could stop doing that then everything'll be fine and if she cant then i wouldn't know whats going to happen...


To cut the story short, she wasn't doing okay today so we went to the hospital together.. after getting her treatment and drugs, i was going to go drop her home to have some rest and what happened was that someone called on her and she was talking in a low voice with the person, obviously male.. probably asking her to come over or something.. i just dont know... i love this girl so much but i wouldn't want to be a fool in any relationship with any girl.


I could really do with some little advise now.



Ps: in terms of her look, she is let say 8 1/2, 9, she is used to be a good gurl and we re just very opened to eachother, i dont keep things from her and she doesn't too... and thats why i see she is able to tell me about what she did at my back and she said she wants to stop it, thats why she is telling me in the first place.

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