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Me and my girlfriend of two months have been talking about getting engaged. During the last two months I have seen her every day including weekends. We just can't seem to get enough of each other. She's my best friend and lover. I'm crazy for her, and she for me. Within the first couple of dates I had the idea in my head that this is the woman that I will marry one day. She says the same thing. I'm still a little dumbfounded that I met her and it feels and looks like a match made in heaven. She's 22 and I'm 31 and at first I was exceptionally sceptical but rationally I think that this can work.


We agreed that we'll get engaged this December and get married within a year from then. Today she asked me if we could do it within two weeks. I have no idea what brought this on. After some talk I said that I feel that it would be to soon and that I think it would be better to wait until December. It looked like this sent the alarm bells going off with her. After some more talk I asked her to give me a day or two to think. I'm not sure what to do now, as I feel that I've known her only two months and that it's to soon. Is it to soon?


I'm also a little worried about what my parents and her parents will say about it (because it's so soon) and this will very likely not carry the acceptance of my parents or hers.

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Id say if it feels right then go for it... whats the worst that can happen... oh ya divorce so maybe wait a little while. If your relationship is really built of the stuff that can weather the storm that a life together can bring then im sure she can handle waiting until christmas. Also I would propose the idea of getting engaged this year, then maybe waiting 2 years to get married. If you are going to have a 'wedding' those can be a real pain to plan and fund. Taking 2 years gives you one year of just the two of you, and then the second year to get everything planned and lined up for the big day. That way if things do turn south, if you realize its been rushed you havent broken the bank of wedding deposits. Also the stress of planning that may put more stress on a new relationship that might be stronger down the road.

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I met my wife and asked her to marry me after 8 weeks, I was 35 and she was 28, I knew with in 3 days of meeting her I wonted to marry her, just new we marred 4 years ago and were trying for kids now. We have been all over the world, Shes Chines and Im a mad brit.


Your 31 been around and buy now should know your own mind, I would say if shes jumping up the time frame ask why and if she says shes it just feels right then its all down to you. Talking is it best thing to do, she could be worred its you who has the alam bells rinning. So talkings the best way to go here, if your right for each other you will work it out, also when you ask her to marry you do so in your time and as a surprise as romanticlay as you can. Meal one leg the whole deal.


well thats my take

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