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As some of you may know I have started to see a psychologist.


Today was my fourth meeting with him going every two weeks. I originally had gone there to get over some greif issues I have been having and to get professional opinion on some other things where I have had trauma in the past in my life.


Funny thing is 2 weeks ago, last time I went he gave me some tests.


I found out today that the test was an IQ test..


He said that if 100 is adverage and 115 is fairly bright and 130 is high level intelligence that I score a 120-130 range and possibly higher with further testing. This doesnt surprise me though..


What surprises me is that he says also that he thinks I have ADD (attention deficit disorder) and that I have been undiagnosed and untreated all my life. He said that alot of the things I have told him about my reactions to situations and now knowing my high intelligence plus some other test he gave me too that he thinks this is most of what my problem is.


He said that I went from the workplace out in the world to being a stay at home person and that I have become bored pretty much. That I want to be challenged and my mind wants to be stimulated allt he time. All of this makes sense.


I spend alot of time online doing 3 and 4 things at once. At any time I may have my hands it all kinds of things from building webpages to giving HTML/CSS support on another forum, to browsing posting here, all while hosting tournaments and chatting in my online gaming league ... and at that same time taking care of my son (20 months).. Cant ever seem to concentrate on just one thing, have to have more than one thing going and I think I have allways been this way.


Im currently researching online what all of this is. Does anyone here have this personally?


He also wants to test my 8 year old tomarrow to see if he also has ADD as he said that it can be genetic and the things I tell him about my son make him think its definitely a possibility. (he doesnt stop talking, he cant sit still , poor impulse control, lack of focus)


He also said that 85 percent of the people treated with medications if the right dosage is found find that the problem totally disapears. He doesnt want to give me any meds right now as I am pregnant and will be for 12 more weeks plus I plan to nurse.


He did say though it is something he suggests, also he is a psychologist and doesnt even prescribe meds so I have no clue how THAT would work.... Anyway...


Any thoughts on this?? The meds? The condition?? Im kinda stunned here wondering what all of this means..

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As a child i was diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia. I also have a high IQ.


I am not on medication but i rather relish in the fact that I can do so many things at one time without missing a beat. lol


I find that the ADD affects my personal relationships mostly, i get bored easy so i have trouble making true connections with people because unless the conversation is engaging and a challenge...i'm like yawn..lol So i do a lot of self talk... like "focus".


I find that I also tend to think out of the box and sometimes walk to my own beat..which has caused self esteem issues for me in the past but i have learned to enjoy the fact that I walk to my own beat.


As a child i was on meds..ritalin to be exact... I have looked into being on medication as an adult...but ...my personal preference is to learn to manage without it.


I find that i'm forgetful because i have so much running through my mind and often times people tend to see this as my not caring. So i make lists and leave reminders to myself ...like call "so and so" and "give back so and so their cd" ..things like that. I've gotten much much better at it.


I hope this helps..there are TONS and TONS of website..i wish i had a particular one to tell you ..but unfortunately i don't... i would just do a search for adult add -there is a wealth of information.

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