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The only time I feel like calling my ex is when someone I know mentions him. I'm on NC right now (We've been broken up since Sept 1st), but any time I hear his name or some reference to him, I want to cave.


Last night I was playing beach volleyball with some friends, which is something I LOVE to do, but all of a sudden I'm depressed. I had to leave the game early because I didn't want to cry in public. Is that normal?


Need your support guys. I don't want to call him...but I'm close.

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Your having a tough time of it now but as with anything it does get better. I think sometimes we just need to cry and let out that pent up pain and frustration. You are doing well on with the NC. Keep that going.


As for friends who talk about him to you, ask them politely to abstain from talking about him to you. They probably aren't aware that it troubles you.

Don't stop doing the things you enjoy, its ok to feel blue and hide away but not for too long. It then might become a constant and that would be no good for you.


Hang in there it will get brighter.

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Can we have a moment for the fact that i am now depressed by "last night i was playing beach volleyball"!! Its not fair!!


it is perfectly OK to get the pangs to break N/C when you talk about them, or hear their name. But, you will not be glad if you broke it. You need to ask yourself what you would be hoping to get if you did break it? Nothing but the intial days of N/C all over again - and we all know how much that sucks....


Stay strong. it will get easier....

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