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Soul Mate vs. Play Mate


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Soul Mate vs. Play Mate


In our quest for happiness we must be sure that we don't settle for a Playmate when God has a Soul mate waiting for us.

Sometimes this is a hard distinction to make; Playmates are tricky.

They are so much fun to be with that even the smartest of us will be fooled into thinking this has to be our Soul mate.

Worse yet too many of us attempt to make a Soul mate out of a Playmate.


The danger of this is that later, after years of playing, we will meet our Soul mate, but it may be too late then.

We may have already made a Life mate of our Playmate and created life-long bonds (emotional, children, etc.)

Or we may have been hurt from playing so hard that we are in no shape ourselves to be anyone's anything.

How can we distinguish between the One, and just another one?


First, we must be open with ourselves about who we really are and what our soul yearns for.

Only you and God know what is truly in your heart and mind. Only you know what will make you truly happy and whole.

In order to find your Soul mate you have to know you, first. You must be willing to listen to that inner voice.

And is that voice telling you that the nerdy person you enjoy talking and sharing your thoughts with, could be him/her?

What about that friend who is always willing to go the extra mile for you when no one else will.


Oh no! He's too short or too tall, balding or too hairy, and on and on? Just too ordinary looking for me!

Then there's that girl who makes you feel so special when you're around her, but she doesn't match that ideal you have conjured in your head.

She's too tall, not slender enough, not light or dark enough, not shapely enough, not attractive enough, and on and on.

She just couldn't be for me! So what if he or she doesn't look like Denzel Washington or Janet Jackson!

He or she is going to treat you like the jewel that you are.


Not only that, his or her soul and yours will commune in ways you never imagined possible!

In order to heed that voice, we have to put on the back burner our own superficial thinking.

Could it be that your inner desire is for a truly genuine person with a good heart?


If you enjoy playing, stay on the playground. There are plenty of Playmates out there to occupy your time.

But don't spend too much time playing or you may play your life away.

Eventually the playing loses its' appeal and your soul begins to crave a deeper, more meaningful connection.

Your soul begins to crave your Soul mate.

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I do and I don't believe in "soulmates", depending on how you define the term. Here's some guy's quote from an old thread that pretty much sums up what I mean:


it doesn't matter how many 'soulmates' or 'perfect matches' there are for you on Earth... if you are lucky enough to find one, pull him/her close to you with both hands and never let go.


i had a 'platonic soulmate' just once, although that term never came up. we even had a pact between us that if we ever lost contact with one another, we would meet at the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge at the moment of the new millennium. had he not passed before that time and had we become separated, i know that we both would have been there.


What I wouldn't give to have a friendship like they had.

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I think even soulmates aren't completely unique. They are much rarer than playmates but I've still met girls since I've been married, where there's just this natural spark that just happens and within just minutes you feel like you've known them all your life. I've never pursued, it though.

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I believe in soulmates...sort of. But I tell you what, I won't believe it or use the term till I'm married to the person for 40 years or something.


"The danger of this is that later, after years of playing, we will meet our Soul mate, but it may be too late then.We may have already made a Life mate of our Playmate and created life-long bonds (emotional, children, etc.)"


^ Sounds like somebody having troubles in a relationship who ends up having an affair because things aren't all smiles at the moment. It's called bumps...and unless Im wrong, you even have them with a soul mate


Only reason I believe in "soul mates" really is just that I believe things happen for a reason. There's a reason you meet certain people, blah blah blah...but that doesn't mean you met them to be with them forever, so yeah.


Here's how I look at it. Treat the person like a seed. The more you take care of it, water it, nurture it, the better the seed will grow, and the more fruit it will bare. Give it too much water and it drowns, not enough and it gets dehydrated. Give it too much sun and it dries up, not enough and it wilts. Always communicate with your seed, it helps it grow better. So folks, take good care of that seed, and it'll grow to last a lifetime

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