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I have my closure


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I called my bf (ex now) after NC for a week.

the story



We talked for a long time.

We talked what has been going on and how we were doing.

He was hurting just like me. He felt so incredibly sorry for hurting me. It was genuine. he said he hadn't called because he didn't know what to say.

Bottom line, is that he didn’t want this situation (we are 100

miles apart, & I have three

kids from a previous marriage)

He’s from Europe and he didn’t want to commit to me, because his heart isn’t really here in America.

He knew I couldn’t leave and he knows he can’t stay forever.

I think I knew that long before all of this happened. But we were both in denial.

We were both scared to let the other one go. But finally he made the choice.

Am I hurt and broken hearted? Oh God, yes!

But, I think as hard as it is to admit this, he is right.

We expected too much from each other.

We both said to each other that we are so much more than bf/gf.

We are friends. Always.

It will take some time to get over the pain we both feel.

Now may we both heal.

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Right now it's hard to think of the future.

I know I will go through a gamut of emotions and I'm ready for them.


Honestly, if I knew then what I know now, I'd still do it.

I regret nothing. No matter where we are or who else we are with, we will always have our connection.



And, no you can't have 5 bucks!

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