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Me + this girl = game & + her parents = complication


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Hey people...


ok i dunno what the title means


anyways i thought i really started likin this girl and then came the bomb, please don't book the tickets to meet up, i will have to ask ma parents if there will be a problem.


Reason: We both from different language but indian and her parents don't want anybody to deal with outside their community .


She had a talk with em to atleast allow her to meet up with me and see if we both like eachother....the parents won't agree for even a meetin let alone takin it any further


Its funny how me and trouble always remain together no matter how life wants me to run away from it.


ahhh well....i had connected with this girl real good and now this...


she won't go against her parents wish....she is gonna talk to her parents again this weekend, if they agree she will let me know else no contact from her side...sounds ok atleast i know its over whatever small thing was there if not contacted.


i told her i will respect whatever her and her parents decision will be...as long as everbdy is happy whats the purpose of dancin alone to the tune of eminem( i talk solid crap don't i, sometimes too much)


well this is a small rant about likin someone......

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Yo, not much you can do if shes gonna stick by her parents. Its basically a slammed shut door. How old is she? Its really her call if shes adult age, and if she wants to go with her parents then theres nothing you can do. Sorry bro, just dont let it get ya down and look for the next one.

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