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experiment: 5 - 10 words to describe your feelings

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hmmm what a mix of emotions


i must say i forgot to include in my original list the overwhelming feeling i have these days.


blackberry, dako .. thanks for reminding me.


forgiveness ...


as Sade would say, It's only Love that gets you through


"You forgive those who have trespassed against you

And you know tenderness comes from pain

It's amazing how you love

And love is kind and love can give

And love needs no gain"

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female dumper/dumpee


sad (feel like I lost a good friend)

alone (he was my all, now i'm alone)

humiliated (that he got over me so easily and found someone else to like/love)

lost (dont know what to do, where to go, how to be alone)

scared (scared that I will not be able to get the good feeling I had with him)

empty (i feel like my life has been taken away from me)

regret (not being able to forgive him and possibly being the cause of the end)

excitement (moving to my new home and making it my place)

expectant (there is so much for me out there)

impatient (want the "good things" to start happening now to lessen the pain)

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