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experiment: 5 - 10 words to describe your feelings

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i'd like you to post 5 to 10 words (non explicitives .. hehe) that describe your feelings towards the ex from your last relationship ... and be sure to mention your sex and whether you are a dumpee or dumper (I doubt we have many dumpers here, but just in case we do ... please mention it)


i'm a quickly reforming male dumpee .. hehe and these are my feelings towards her in no particular order:









vengeance (ouch!)



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Female, Unsure of whether dumper/dumpee, probably a bit of both


1. Elated (happy to be free)

2. Grateful (every relationship is a learning experience and I am not sure had I not entered this one, would I have been exposed to what I really don't want in a man)

3. Thankful (for all the help he provided medically for my family)

4. Apathetic (lost romantic feelings towards him)

5. Renewed (new outlook on getting what I want out of life)


All in all, a relationship may be successful or it may not, but at least I gave it my best shot and I gave him more than enough chances, and I learned a great deal from him about life, and about how I must be very selective who I marry, and what qualities a man can have that don't deviate from what I want. For the most part, it was a good learning experience.

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Female, dumper.


I feel heartbroken, hurt, angry and betrayed. But I like Rose2Summer's response. It reminds me why we are each here on this earth; ultimately, to learn. I want to try to take the good out of this experience and move on with a brighter, more mature outlook.

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Female, dumpee (although I lost my feelings for my ex and pulled away from him causing him to dump me).


1. thankful (for him showing me what it is like to have someone care about me and be in a relationship with me).


2. wistfulness (part of me misses him)


3. wonder (I wonder how he's doing. I heard that the girl he dumped me for eventually dumped him).


4. fondness (if I saw him now, I would have no bad feelings about him. We were just NOT compatible)

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female, dumped him when found he had cheated....but effectively dumped as it was the last thing on earth i ever wanted to do!







Hopelessly lost




Grateful for the good times

I cant think of any others - oh dear!


a lingering sense of loving him that is both painful and occasionally fond.

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I will do my last long term relationship.


Male Dumpee


Disgust (at her and how she could bring another man into her home so quickly (2 weeks later he moved into my apartment) when she has little children)


angst(I am still sore at what she did to me)


Jealousy (she left me with $30,000 in debt and 10 months later she inherits over $750,000)


Anger(She never paid me off or even offered to help me. She threated me with legal action that I could not afford if I persued the money she owed me)


happiness(I am no longer with her)

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Female dumpee


- Regret (I took our relationship for granted)

- Awe (how did he put up with me for so long???)

- Disgust (with my own behavior, not his!)

- Warmth and comfort

- Teamwork (together, we could do anything...except actually stay together )

- Self-esteem (he did not make me feel worthless when he called things off!)

- Hope (I'm making changes...maybe one day he'll see them.)

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