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A small part of a picture- ripped


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Your wrists. Today all I saw was your wrists

Nothing else drew my attention.

Your smell was nice- I realised what I wanted

It's amazing how much I can respect your physicality


Your mind I wont even touch on here

Nuff knows how warped you are

This is just your body-

Your wrists- your fingers are so ........

solid. How did they get like that?

No wonder there's nothing but blind forward motion

In your soul- there is so much anger and confusion.

Because the body you've been given

Just says go.



All I was doing was trying to get through the week

Such strange feelings

Not hate, not admiration, but flooded with both of those

And in it all- there's just your wrists.


I admit my comfort with hating you and loving you at the same time.

I no longer need any resolution

I can do both

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