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Miss him. That's about it.


It hit rather hard today. Had my *first* serious sobbing session.


Just too many things reminding me of him right now. Sometimes my belly hurts. Sometimes my heart hurts. Fairly literally. Ow, achy.


I know I did the right thing. Still, that man is so amazingly lovable. Every step forward feels like one step further from him, and what we had.


Sometimes i just don't know where to redirect my energy. Times when i would be with him, things i would share with him, thoughts and touches and dreams.Space in my head.


I felt a lil surge of anger today too. I'm not really sure what that is about, except maybe frustration. Maybe getting angry is the part that is still holding on to him.


It's the reflexs and habits that are real rough.


Big Sigh. Okay. thanks everyone.

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Hey girl,


I think sobbing is a sign of progress. It hurts, but you are letting it out. Also being angry is useful, as long as you don't let anger overtake your life and turn bitter. In time, a lot of things will have happened that don't remind you of him. You will have moved on and have a life without him as part of it. I know it feels different today. But it feels like this for everyone who goes through this, it feels neverending and it makes you feel lonely. I was in your situation three years ago, when my ex and I broke up for the third (and final) time. I thought I'd never get over him. It took a while, but it got better soon.





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a sob is good and now just try to look forward i am - we can find the right one i hope - i question do you just know if you find the right one i prayed for my ex to come to me when i had him i was loose with him not hangning on to him now he is going i want him to be mine he cant deal with it so what can i do

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Hi Itsallgrand

I'm new - I know that feeling of being SICK all to well and the constant reminders of an X

I have 2 children, and I see the love we had in them everyday.

It's only been 3 months since what he calls his mistake and I really truly miss him heaps....

All I can say is to keep your chin up, remember ONLY YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS - never ever rely on anyone else for that.....

The mask I used to wear, and the wall around my heart, have melted away to allow the real me to be seen, my true voice to be heard, and my soul to sing...


Cheers - Always

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i feel eveything you decribed. " Every step forward feels like one step further from him, and what we had. " that's exactly what i'm feeling too.


i talk to my ex today and now i know he feels it too.

i think if you truly had a deep love for one another, the pain hurts on both sides.


it's going to be a tough road and i'm weary...

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