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I Have No Idea Anymore Need Help !!


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Well my ex girlfriend and I broke up in March I know a very long time. But we were seniors in highschool and we still saw each other and stayed good friends. But I wanted a relationship with her even though i broke up with her do to a fight that we had. But she was not into having a relationship with anyone at the time beacuse of what was happening in her life and she wanted to just be single because she was going to be going to college.


Of course i still wanted her back and I just kept bugging her about it and she said if it's ment to be it will be and just be my friend because she is going through a rough time in her life do to a death of a friend and family issues. I didn't see any of that and I had one goal in mind and that was getting her back.


So she was fed up with it and on July 21 she stopped talking to me. She told me she hated me and she never wanted to speak or see me again. Well she lived up to that. I called her cell phone a lot leaving voice mails saying I'm willing to be your friend and thats it. I must have left 30 voice mails i know i left alot. But then I stopped and secretly saw her sister and she told me that she did not want anything to do with me. So that hurt but i stopped and a couple weeks ago it dawned on me I love this girl and what I did I did not want to loose her and I want to show her that i can be just her friend and if its ment to be it will be. She called back saying to call her and we talked about the situation and she is willing to try being friends. It's been little over a month since the last time we talked... !!!


But she doesn't call me I have to call her and I ask her if she wants me to call her the next day because im used to talking with her everyday and she says she doesn't know. And I told her im serious bout trying to be friends and I said that I don't want the past to hurt my chances of getting with her in the future and she said your already on it and I said I'm just going to be your friend but I want a fair shot. I told her that she told me I would never be her boyfriend again and she said that she doesn't remember saying that but she probably ment it if she did.


My nieghbor asked me the other day who i slept with and I thought this was very rude so we, my ex and I was talking on the phone the other night because we are trying to be friends again I told her what my nieghbor asked me and I said that was rude she wouldn't believe me that i didn't and she kept saying sure you didn't and she wouldnt leave it alone.


Then 2 nights ago she was doing a paper for school and we were on the phone for a while but not talking and she was talkingn to her sister for advice on the paper and then she would sometimes ask me but I knew she was busy so I told her im going to let her go and good luck on the paper she was like W/E kind of angry like she still wanted me on the phone but I have no idea. If she still has feelings for me and she never calls me so we would never talk if i never called her... Im confused on what to do but to me its good that she is giving me a second shot but i don't know on how to go about things because i do want her back so please help me !! THANK YOU for taking the time out

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