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okay so went out last night so didnt need to feel anything and it was fine - deep down i dreamt of him and holding his hands - i love his hands but no more right - i miss him his voice his laugh but need to remember he was the one going away and didnt factor me inot his life - he did nt want to get married and i have no other way to deal with this but to break it off - so be strong i say to my self and dont care about him anymore right?

But if he asked me to go with him i would idiot

what do i do ??????

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You tell him that he's the one guy that you'd sacrifice all of it for, and that you can't see finding someone that makes you as happy as he does.


You need to tell him that you'll follow his lead, where he goes, you'll go as well.


You can't be afraid to speak up for what you want in this life...if this guy is so special, he needs to hear it from you. He needs to know that you want to go with him, and that he isn't "dragging" you along with him.


That's probably why he didn't ask you, as he wasn't sure it's what you wanted.

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