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Brother and Envy of his sexual conquests


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Here it is, I am a 32 year old virgin can not even find a sexual partner, not even many friends. This is contrasted against my brother who has women at his beck and call and come running when he calls them, as well as having many friends.


All this while I am rather attractive and down to 83 kgs , my brother is heavier but a Rugby player at 98kgs (muscle) . I used to play it but lost interest. And yes we look alike (less than 2 years apart). So there is no physical reason that I should not have any friends and a sexual life.


I also do dancing, but while I dance with plenty of women I never get a chance to talk to them , or anyone else as people disappear to the four winds. Though at the moment I am sort of seeing this woman but I cant get her into bed or out because she is busy (not an excuse).


Of course I am feeling pretty shattered at the moment. Does anyone have any advice on how I can alleviate the situation, I am desperate which is probably half the problem.






p.s. He is a bit of a bad boy, while I am probably to nice and lacking confidence - catch 22 Nice Guys come last.

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"p.s. He is a bit of a bad boy, while I am probably to nice and lacking confidence - catch 22 Nice Guys come last."


Then stop being so nice, start being wild, larn the power of chaos, travil.

Quit that 9 to 5 get you dosh and hit the road, round the world in 1 year, back pack and go live. your way to safe then with a hole load of life under you belt lets see how you get on.





chaos baby chaos!


one word




thats what you lacking, as has been said below, talk dont fear talk.


Best chat up like of all time is


Hello *and then smile*


after that its all down to you.

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For example the first post already told you that women are looking for a 'good' man

Easy there killer....I am a woman and I will tell you that we do want a nice man. I totally dislike mean, vulgar, rude and how did you put it ...aw yes...('let me repeat never get into a womans pants by being 'nice' to her' )men who only want in my pants!


We also like fun, charming, witty and a man who is all grown up, one we dont have to raise!

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It seems you don't know what you want. Get laid? A meaningful realtionship? Which is it?


A real man, not just a male following his instincts to reproduce, will want a relationship. You need to figure out what you stand for. Right now you have something going for you that most males don't have, purity.


Check out the good advice that sumguy posted. Just remember you can't fake confidence or a real relationship.

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Try find some1 with a common interest. Sharing a common interest makes it easier to start talking and breaking down those first barriers.


My g/f and I are dancing in the same school for almost 15 years. We knew eachother ever since, but we weren't a couple till 3 years ago. So if you're into dancing, find yourself a dance-partner.

Ever realised that dancing is actually talking without words ? Body expression. I think females pay much more attention to this then we men realise (it this true ??).


Finding the 'right' one is a process that takes time. Don't try to rush things, everything will be ok, don't go looking for love, it will find you eventually. Thrust me. Just be yourself. As you described you're not that badlooking, so I can't imaging no1 would'nt be interested in you. Maybe you just don't notice it. just be yourself.


Hope this helps a little,


D . V . D (belgium 23 m)

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"main one i would have to say is the confidence part. get that up and u won't have a problem. just get into the drink ur confidence will go through the roof, ur dancing may deminish but girls seem to be really attracted to confidence."


While confidence is attractive, drinking to feel more confident is a BAD idea. Not only does getting drunk look stupid, it's dangerous.

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