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Disconnecting the Dots

Ipso Fracto Man

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scans the speckled ceiling


for patterns indicating life


faces come, and when they go


none are wearing smiles


She loves herself


hates the world


often ponders on the verb "to be"


She thinks it might be best to live alone


She falls in love with shadows


feels the sky and everything that moves


and always wondered why she was the only one who could


She knows the pain


hates to cry


She asks herself


why is everyone so cold and blind?


how they mass like schools of fish


illusory protection


brightly colored stripes in every color of denial


they could swim away to open water and be free


She wanders in a universe her own


or so it maybe seems




She doesn't end where I begin


She tore apart my sovereignty


made me understand that I am hungry, cold and blind


represents for me the Yin


a Force without which I am ill-defined


She disagrees


She doubts in me


managed to elude a reciprocity


light devoid of heat like so much fire in a dream


of what use is a dream?


I found the will to view it philosophically


regaining my composure and a measure of my dignity


it is to be






is free


and all the dots scatter

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