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Ethnicity vs Love


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hello im 17 years old and i live in a the county of Monterey. This county is notorious for race descrimination,stereotypes, and racial and class segregation. The school i attend is the crapiest one in the county, there fore their women are stuck up and think they are all that. i guess the problem here is that everyone is devided into their own little groups.As for example;mexican with mexicans,Whites with Whites, Rockers with Rockers jocks with jocks, rich poeple with rich people. Now i consider my self just a normal guy who talks to every one, i wear unique clothes im just me.


When my friends and i approach a girl, even if she is are own race, they act really stuck up, we dont even think of talking to some one outside our race cause if our own peole treat us badly imagine them, and\ most of the time its true. i mean shure we might dress like thugs or whatever, but i change my looks alot, not to please others but for my self.




Now i guess my questions are:


1.Should i think this for all the girls out there or might it be just the place where i live?


2.is there anywhere that ethnicity doesnt matter?.( i heard san francisco is a great place.


3.Do you women choose you B/F based on ethnicitie?


4.Im latino, is that going to be a problem when talking to a girl thats not my race?(particularly its a problem with white girls)




More comment of your own and our thaught and opinions are really truly welcomed, i really want to get to the bottom of this,Please if you have any comments or concersn pleae tell me .the following are cities i heard that are nice:



San Francisco


San jose


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My advice to you is to find a nice mexican girl. If you feel that white or other race girls aren't attracted to you. Simply find a mexican girl. I know that billboards and other stereotypes of white women are contstantly fed to you. Ignore them. Think of your children having to deal with two completely different upbringings. remember it was your decision to find a white girl. It was your decision to have a mixed race relationship. Why should your children pay by not knowing where their roots lie?

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First of all SAN FRANCISCO is notorious for the percentage of homosexuals. Long Beach isnt a good place right now because of the stupid gangs and their hate for hispanics. just go for who you want to go for. a girl may not love you right away but in the end she will love you, NO MATTER WHAT RACE. my family should know, i am mixed with 7 different races lol. my great grandfather told me about his relatives sleepin with the "masta's" daughter just to piss him off and thats how my Great*5 Grandfather was born.

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I live in Columbus Ohio and live in the middle of the city. Nobody here really gives a crap what race they date. There are tons of mixed relationships here. Of course you'll always find narrowminded people no matter where you go but it just doesn't seem to be a big deal here. I am a product of a mixed marriage and am dating someone also of a different ethnicity than my own.

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I'm from Santa Cruz County originally and I've been to Monterey County many times. You know, living along the Monterey Bay, because of the smaller towns, at least where I am from orginally, just in the 4 years I've been away, I swear I come home and it's amazing how much has changed. It used to be primarily a white community, then more Mexicans have immigrated to this area, and how for some reason seems like more white people have returned. What reason, I don't know.


Anyway, small towns change and I think how people perceive other races is really based a lot on their upbringing of family and that of their enviornment. Either way, you'll experience racism everywhere on all sorts of levels. You can't really get away from it. In less diverse areas, like small towns or suburbs, you'll probably see it a lot more than if you lived in a major city. Still, of course in larger cities different races often have their communities where they feel comfortable with.


I now live in San Francisco and there are lots of people who love this city and many who do not. I find though that many major cities are more accepting of differences and mixed couples.


Maybe if you feel that you don't fit in your community, or that you don't like the "segregation", you might consider moving to another town or city where you feel people are more open and accepting of other people.


Date who you want to date. Not everyone, male or female picks and chooses who they date based on their race. Sure some do, but not all. There are so many different types of people in this world that there are open-minded people.


I have no problem with what race a person is, whether they're gay, straight, bi, black, white, latino, asian, whatever. If we get along, then right on. My boyfriend's white (english) and I'm mexican. He has no problem with my race and i have no problem with his.


you'll find a nice girl who will love and accept you for who you are.

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My opinion is diametrically opposed to that of Lebensraum: if everyone married someone of a different ethnicity and had cosmopolitan children, there could be no more racism.


nicholas: just exactly how much time have you spent in California? We have the greatest diversity of peoples anywhere on Earth, and only a handful of enclaves where superficiality reigns.

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