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All halls lead to the Commons


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Well, i wrote this a few months ago. at the time i was ready to kill myself because i felt that was the only way to escape something i wasn't ready to face.Anyway story ends, no one died. everythings much better now though ^.^


Four years we roam these halls

first few days are never alright

but the years keep going, we figure the system.

and we pass by, with cold eyes shut, lonley.

you dont see me.


Time goes on and eventually we come to a point

where i had never exisited. but you continue to lie

lie through your teeth as you had so many times before

and final days close in and force me

to say au revoir...we never see eachother again.


until then we will be forced together

by lucid dreams of forced love and hatred,

by tells and truths of those we know and trust,

by Friends who'll force us, because we realise

Four years have passed--we never really met.

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