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Darn Myspace


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It bothers me that my boyfriend has women on his friends list that he dated breifly while we were also dated. He tried to sleep with her but she wouldn't let him. This was done behind my back. He didn't tell me that he " wanted to see other people" until he had already gone out with her.

That was in the first 3 months of relationship.

Now we're back on track and things are monogamous.

I asked him to remove her from his friends list becuase it reminds me of a bad patch with him that hopefully we are over. And it irratates him that this irratates me. He's smart so he asks: is this the real issue . I have to admit, I wonder if he still talks to her , what's going on with him, where we stand monogamy wise. He assures me we are good, he doesn't talk to her at all, etc..

So I'm glad I brought it up, it worked out, I feel better.

Do you think it's appropriate to take other women you have some past with off your myspace, other web-sites, if it offends your girlfriend?

Do you think I should even mention it? He has another ex on his list who is not over him . He talks to her occasionally. . But when I look at his page, there she is.

It bothers me a bit. I don't want to start even a small argument over it. It's not worth it, but there's got to a way to express it well. Any suggestions?

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The trust you have for him was broken only 3 months into your relationship. How do you know that you are now in a monogamous relationship with him? It seems he is of the school don't ask the right question its ok not to be perfectly honest.


I think you are right to be bothered by the "friends" he has on his myspce account. Especially when one of the friends is someone he cheated on you with. If he truly was respectful of you and getting things back on track he would remove that friend.

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I don't totally trust him. I have a hard time trusting and it's been 7 months and I don't know if I would completely trust anyone in 7 months.

He fills a lot of my needs. Not all of them but some. I have to fill the rest of them on my own.

I love him very much. There is much work to be done with our relationship but I am wanting to do the work.

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I have been in a similar situation.


My boyfriend - was good friends with this girl before he and I started dating. He went with her and some of her friends a week or so after we started dating.

She sometimes posted comments like "sounds like your date went well. I think I'm jealous." Or, "Wow, I haven't heard from you - you must be preoccupied with the new girl of the week."

I was a little concerned about her in the beg. Once he and I discussed their friendship, I felt much better. I know he's not interested in her. I know she can post comments on his site til she's blue in the face and he'll read it and shrug (or laugh it off.)


I never considered asking him to remove her as a friend. However, when he decided to move her down on his friends list (his idea,) he hesitated because she wouldn't be on the front page anymore. At that point, I just said "so what? Does it really matter if she's mad at you?" She's no longer on the front page.


If you ask him to remove her, it points to you not trusting him, you being insecure, you being too sensitive. Maybe just ask him if he will move her off the front page? Or just try to wait it out... Surely she won't be there forever.


If you can possibly deal with this in a reserved manner rather than giving your boyfriend the worry that you are being controlling and jealous, I think you will get much further.....

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