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Short Relapses

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OK...sorry to bring this up again! HAHA...I was just watching Sex and the City, and it was the episode where Carrie hears about Big needed some minor heart surgery....and I think it's after they broke up (and even after she dated Aiden)--sorry if this doesn't make sense to a lot of people...But the bottome line is she's get all upset when she hears about this and becomes very concerned when she hears about it, but she's over him..my question is what if in a few years, I feel that way? I've felt good for awhile now, and I think I'm over him (I still do occasionally think about the ex, but it goes away quickly)...what if the next few years is just a good period...What if I'm not over him at all...Has this ever happened to anyone...Or has anyone been scared of that happeneing?

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