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Last kisses


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Hi everyone!


I'm really new to this website, I just joined a few minutes ago actually! But I've been reading some of your stories; it really is good to know that people share the same experiences!


I was in a really nostalgic mood, so I was wondering if people would share stories about the last kiss they shared with a person. Or even the last kiss they experienced with the person that they are still with.


The last kiss I shared was with my ex. We were together for over two years, and I loved him incredibly much! After months of trying to work out our problems, we shared our last kiss a few weeks ago. A quick little peck on the lips as he went out the door. It was such a low key kiss that it seems so strange after all the emotion we put into our relationship. I guess that its a good thing, it might mean that things are finally resolving and that we are moving on. It was a sweet innocent kiss. Oh no, I'm crying again! Maybe my emotions are still too near the surface.


Anyway, I'd love to hear your stories.

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My last kiss was also with my ex! It was a couple of weeks ago when we were talking in my driveway...he kissed me on the nose. Also a sweet innocent kiss. And the last one on the lips was a month ago on our would-have-been two year anniversary: after spending a few hours just hanging out, we were giving each other good-bye hugs, I started getting a little teary-eyed, and he gave me a kiss on the lips. I told him that I didn't want him to kiss me unless me meant it, he said he knows, lifted up my chin and gave me another kiss. It was warm...but we're still not back together, so maybe he didn't mean it...

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Last kiss was about an hour ago, with what he calls a 'Numpty kiss'. Once on the nose, to the forehead, back to the nose, accross to the left cheek, kiss on the nose, kiss on the nose, and down to a cute kiss on the lips. Makes me go all goosey.

and he's been playing Godfather on his PC ever since. haha.

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like a kiss on the forehead


or the small of the back


a kiss on closed eyes


the first time your lips touch each other


the instant recognition of how her lips feel


a kiss that shows passion


a kiss that forgives


a kiss that in tender


a kiss while making love


a kiss from the heart


a kiss that tells you she is gone


a kiss that is honest


a kiss at the right time


a kiss that means more than any words you could say


a kiss is the first way way u tell someone you feel strongly about them - a kiss that tells them u have opened yourself to them


a kiss when someone is sleeping


a kiss that helps heal


a kiss to a child, to a parent to a friend


a kiss is something u share when u believe in that person


a kiss is not something i give to say goodbye


a kiss can be filled with sorrow and sadness and regret


but a kiss should not be given when it fails to be recognized


a kiss is a promise of good times ahead


a kiss is something special


i love kissing

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My last one was Tuesday-- His sister kept coming in, so we weren't really about to go too far... he was kind of laying on top of me, and I tried to get out and he pinned me down and held my wrists... when he let go, I started tickling him on the only place he is ticklish, his back, and he pinned me again and we ended up wrestling. He had me down, and he counted to ten and then he kissed me. We couldn't keep our hands off each other, by the time we made it out of my car I was twenty minutes past curfew, and by the time he was out of the driver's window I was a half hour late. /; It was great though, he said he loved me. : D

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My actual last kiss was with a guy that I dated , I think three times , a short time ago. It wasn't that good. He was at my house and we were watching a football game, he had been drinking his usual " football game beers" and his moustache was always wet somehow from the beer, was kind of gross to be honest.


Prior to that last kiss, the other last kiss was way way back in December of 2005. I was in a relationship with a guy that had cheated on me and I refused to be with him sexualy or kiss him any further and I broke up with him in January 2006.


Prior to that last kiss in December 2005,,, the only other last kiss that there has been was in December 2003 and that was the night my husband died and I kissed him goodbye on the lips and told him I loved him. I truly miss tender intimate kisses from him. He was the light and love of my life.

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My last kiss was yesterday when I said goodbye to my boyfriend after we'd finished our lessons. It wasn't the best kiss ever...it was just a normal kiss goodbye...but I always make sure I get a kiss goodbye just incase something happened...


Have any of you ever wanted just on last kiss when you've split up with someone? When me and my ex broke up I couldn't really remember the last time we had kissed and I really regretted not being able to remember it. Then a month or so ago when me and my boyfriend had a few problems, he said he wanted to go on a break. To start with I thought he was breaking up with me and I couldn't stop crying, but then when I did I asked him for one last kiss and he couldn't understand why. I explained to him that I wanted to be able to remember exactly when it was and how it felt and what he tasted like. First of all he said no because it would make things harder, but then a little while later I was crying still and he just lifted my face up to his and kissed me. It was a really amazing kiss and it didn't last long. But then after that he couldn't stop kissing me! A few days later and he said that he loved me and that he didn't know why he ever doubted that he did. So we are now fine.


But has anyone else ever felt that way? That even though kissing them when you know it is over could hurt you even more you still really want just one last kiss to remember them by?

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My last kiss was with my ex after a great evening in the back of her car. She was exhausted after I gave her two Os, so we just layed down, closed our eyes, and drew on each other with our fingers. Finally, I heard my phone vibrate and picked it up to find 30 missed calls from my parents. So, we dressed up and I met her in the driver's seat where we had the last kiss that I had taken for granted.


Few weeks passed without seeing each other, and I finally called her to say that this isn't what I wanted with her. In a matter of minutes, the first beautiful thing I've had with someone came to an end.


This is a given, but always remember to kiss your lover like it will be your last.

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