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Was it a mistake


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Okay well i posted something earlier on this guy...well now he has changed alot and has made me feel a whole lot better... well me and wesley has spent the last two weekends together but not alone. Last weekend we went camping at a buddys land and had 4 extra ppl with us. This past weekend we went camping again on the river and had 3 extra ppl with us. Well this past weekend we had the most loving and comfortin sex you can imagine. and he held me so close and reassured me that he liked me a lot and stuff. well the next day we all went riddin well my best bud was with me and i hung out with him cause i know wesley would be all ignorin me if i tried to hang with him. so i stayed back and talked to wesley well he got all pissed off and took off on his horse and stuff. it kinda upset me. So i dont know what to do i just hope it wasnt a booty call cause that would suck really bad. help me need opinions and advice

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