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Nowhere near done Grieving - Rant

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I'm in the throws of NC as some of you might know...heck the X may even be reading this stuff, I don't know...


Anyhow, after a nearly two weeks of NC she called me today at work and I did not answer. She called a few times last week as well and I didn't answer. (She has a new BF with whom I understand she is in-love with) The X and I were best friends and lovers for the better part of a year prior last month.


Today, after the phone call she also emailed me with the subject heading: 'Contact'. I didn't open the email...should I have?????

I suppose she's hurting from the breakup too, and may just want to talk or know if the NC is final. But she even told me (the last time we spoke) to call her when I was ready.

I'm not at all trying to avoid her to make her mad...I'm just trying to follow NC.


Then, totally by accident I saw her today on the street from my office window (we work near each other)....F!@#$CK... Unreal...the feelings of anxiety shot through my body like a bullet through my heart.


It made me aware once again how tough this is, is going to be, and how much I really miss her.


I'd love to have her back...I'm afraid that this NC will drive her out of my life forever. Choices, eh?...


Am glad I can post these, and read all your woes!!! Thanks.


Churchill: When you're going through Hell, Keep going.



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You need to have a very direct talk with her and let her know the reason why you're in NC. Otherwise she'll just think you're mad at her for some unknown reason and this type of miscommunication is only a bad thing. See it happen all the time.


Next time she calls tell her you're only interested in a relationhsip with her, no friendship, and if she's not interested in the same you prefer to stay out of touch. That way there's nothing left to say.

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