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Hello all. I have been looking for a job for a few months now (been done college 2 months). I have been looking for computer repair/assembly and have my resume out to 3 places now. One did not play out as he is loking for someone with more experience then what I have (only found out first day I went in to work- he didnt tell me at the interview- ticked me off..) and I have my resume out to 2 places for pc assmebly- missed one opportunity because I thought the other one was going to work out and I had an interview at another place last thursday for pc assembly- still checking my references, etc today.. and I just emailed another place fgor assembly- waiting to hear what they assemble.


I have gotten a lot of job offers the past 2 months from network systems administrator to management. I am qualified in NSA but dont want to do it now. Just pc assembly and/or repair to start. Then see what happens later on.


I have also applied to a work from home thing online and still waiting to hear from them. I looked everything up about them online and I didnt see why they were not legit. Looked them up on fair business associuation of america and scam X- means they are a no scam site.


Since I am waiting to hear about some job offers I am continuing to look for some. ANything else you guys think I can look into?


Im not looking to do warehouse, restauraunt, delivery, fast food, anything like this. Stirictly computer stuff.



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Hey there,


I would go the Systems Administrator route for now. Usually, those out of college do not get the "cream of the crop" positions. You have to work your way up, unfortunately these days, competition is fierce so a degree is not going to get you first dibs in the job market, it is not like that anymore I am afraid. Experience and whom you know takes you further and sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do in order to attain your ultimate goals. Sending two resumes is not enough. My boyfriend whom has worked with computers for 17 years, knows everything about Linux, Gentoo, forensics in computers, cyper security, you name it, was laid off and looked for work for 8 months, he sent out literally 800 resumes. Time to get busy my friend.


Also, try not assume because one job looks promising, ditching other prospects. You want to be able to feel out a bunch of employers, THEN make your final choice when possible. Sometimes people do not have that luxuary and have to take what is given right away, but if you are not in dire straights, take your time. It is not unusual for a recent college gradute to look for work for quite a while. It took me a year and a half to land a job in my field and I have a Master's. Try not to get discourged and keep at it. You will find a job that you will find rewarding.

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