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Do you think our EX"S miss us?

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I left my ex 8 months ago. I know I made the right decision, but I think about him everyday. I miss him all the time. I miss the memories we shared, his family, and those little things that use to drive me nuts. We were together for 6 yrs, he was the only b/f I'd ever had. I'll never forget him. But I miss our friendship, not our relationship.

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I don't think that guys necessarily move on quicker. I really thinks it is all individual and sometimes the reasons behind breakups make it easier or harder to move on .


For me it was quite easy for me to move on and forget him after I broke up with my now EX. It was based on the fact that he lied and cheated on me and hid some other important info from me about himself. I heard that he moved on pretty quickly in a matter of days on to the other woman /women ,that he was seeing behind my back.


Obviously he didn't love me anyway and had no problem running to another woman. In my case I honestly don't think he has given me a second thought since the day I broke up with him and don't care either. The only time I think of him is during posting like this, where I refer to him to make my point.


There are quite a few men and women I have known of that had difficulty moving on after a break up and some that moved on quite nicely. So I really think it's a case by case basis and not a male or female thing on whether or not someone can easily move on.

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I have been struggling with this question myself. I am dating again and thought I was completely over my breakup, but yesterday I ran accross a picture of my ex on the internet with his new girlfriend. I got sad for a solid hour. Seriously. I don't want him back, I don't know if I miss him, but I wonder if he ever thinks about me. Maybe I'm being narcissistic!

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I don't want him back, I don't know if I miss him, but I wonder if he ever thinks about me. Maybe I'm being narcissistic!


i don't think that's narcissistic. everyone likes to think that they will be remembered and missed when they are not around. it's just a desire to mean something to the world, to the people you've touched.


I wonder this everyday, and then I push it out of my head because it doesn't

really matter that much. We can't go back anymore~and that will one day very soon be a good thing.


i agree. plus, when i look at the facts of how he has behaved, i don't feel that he misses me much. and he certainly doesn't miss me as much as i miss him, and knowing that isn't a great feeling either.


I don't know why but it helps me stay strong to think "He's completely over me so why should I miss him?!" This might be a spiteful (and rather childish) way to think but I don't know, it's working for me right now and I have to do all that I can bc I really can't regress again!


not spiteful. i think that will help you move on faster. on the one hand it's almost like you're making a competition out of geting over each other, but if it gets you to move on faster than you would otherwise, i totally support that!


also, the romantics who like to imagine that their exes miss them will probably spend longer dwelling in the memories of the relationship. a more cut-and-dry approach (i.e. "he doesn't miss me because we've over, we are a thing of the past") is a good kick in the butt to help you move on.

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if u are fortunate and things didn't end on a bad note, and u live in the same city, etc. i think if its possible to still be friends - then u should and then you wouldn't miss them. u might miss the relationship but u would still be friends. and i think 'moving on' is really an individual thing. i know i miss my ex and we broke up a long time ago. its ok to miss someone - that just means u and her/him had a good relationship and enjoyed each others company.

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hi everyone im new here and would just like to say my ex decided to leave me 4 another man back in february2006!!

even though she said i was the only guy who has ever treated her nice and the only one who has ever really cared for her. but when she decided to get rid of me she did it in a very hurtful way, i even written her a letter saying how much i really care 4 her and that she means a hell of a lot to me and that i would never ever treat her bad and she had the decency to show my letter to that creep she left me for and probably all her friends to have a good laugh about me..



its been over 8 months and ivE never heard from her since and im still really hurting but im slowly learning to let go.





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I've been doing the break up, make up game with my ex for the past 2 years. It doesn't make it any easier..


I think of her often.. I remember all the good memories we shared, all the laughs, and the things that made ,me fall in love with her..


When I think of the feeling that I felt during our first break up , it makes me never want to fall in love again.. Just thinking of it right now made me cry..


I have a eternal love for that woman in my heart and it won't go away.. Its like a flame that's still burning.. And she treated me like crap!!

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Does my ex miss me?? To be honest I came to the conclusion that she was indifferent, so I finally decided that NC was the way to go. Today marks 5 weeks, didn't think I'd be able to make it that long back in the day.


THing is once I started NC things shifted abruptly. First, 3 weeks in my ex's close friends makes a comment about refusing all contact...something that was never in any way communicated to me by the ex before NC, but then is done so by her friend 3 weeks into NC!? Very perplexing, makes me think she wants to feel like it was her decision to start NC, not mine.


Since then, all of my ex's friends are very, perhaps overly firnedly when they see me, especially when I am out on the town. My ex's very close friend and roommate in particular (one I mentioned above) has now begun to question me like a detective everytime I run into her. I know these encounters are being reported back to my ex, so I am pretty darn sure she is wondering what the hell has been up with me.


Question that I would like to know the answer to is why she is so curious if she has seemingly moved on? My gut says a big part of her is still caught up one me...

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