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Husbands aggressive driving

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I am a bit confused that you say this......"I am hurt that he would risk our lives for the sake of being in front"


You say that he had been drinking beer all day. Then for fear of being arrested for DUI he didn't stop. I think you risked your life by letting him drive in the first place. His cognitive skills were impaired and he should NOT have been behind the wheel. I can see why he was in a "rage" he was still under the influence.


Why is it you let him drive after drinking all day?

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If his driving is so bad that it outshadows drunkeness as a risk, I'd never set foot in his truck, and insist you always do the driving.


Anger management classes are an obvious suggestion, but angry arrogant folks don't take suggestions well.


If he's also in his forties, it's time he grows up before he's a lonely angry man.

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bottom line is his behavior is putting other peoples lives, yours included in danger. I think you are doing the right thing by laying down the law, and say either you change, or we split. Normally im a stickler for saying that you accept a person for who they are in MOST cases... but not when it comes to peoples safety.


Furthermore, I would refuse to get in the car with him when he is drunk. Get the keys off of him BEFORE he starts drinking. If he doesnt like that, get a cab home by yourself and bill it to his credit card.

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